Friday, June 10, 2016


I am not out of the woods. I was cleared for work on Monday. Coworkers spotted I couldn't walk at meeting. Later in the evening the problem was worse. I chose to return to my native community for treatment. My family is locally prominent and the Drs would know the name.

In the end my coworkers were shocked that I was gone so suddenly. Usually, my coworkers grumble about one of our own mailing it in. We just got the speech about coworkers about abusing sick leave. When I was ordered to report to the nurse, I quoted this. In unison three managers said that wasn't referring to people who were actually sick.

I returned from the exam and the boss who sent me there asked what happened. The nurse told you so what is the point. The boss wanted to hear me say it. Why I chose to go Staten Island was private. As the stakes were high let my time be spent in a place that means something.

The nurses at work alerted The hospital before I showed up. I was already triaged in under 4 min. When was the last time you ate and what did you eat. You had a Mountain Dew kickstart at 8 am and half a bottle of diet cola at two. No I am not thirsty or hungry. If I drink I pee and it's more wear on the legs I'll pee later. Apparently I was dehydrated and was given antibiotics.

Apparently, my act is familiar and nobody trusts me. I was only released with a promise to see my Dr in eight hours.
Had he been on duty I would never have left. So I spent the night singing bad ditties about ghonorhea. I even did an Elvis style number. Doc I haven't missed a docket since 2011. If I got to miss my duty at least give me a better malady. No gout or foot fungus is worse.

Well on Monday I return with little fan fare.


Ducky's here said...

You had a Mountain Dew kickstart at 8 am and half a bottle of diet cola at two.

Slowly killing yourself.

Change your diet, Beak.

beakerkin said...

The infection robs you of thirst and by the time I waltzed into the ER it was already late. Untreated if my math was correct I had 48 hours. They didn't take any chances on my math. This is also why I was pushed in fast and
Hooked up on an IV.

beakerkin said...

The antibiotics were rushed in on an IV as well.

However, they made multiple inquiries and tests to see how far along the problem went.

beakerkin said...

As the boss said the facility is there for a reason. It's just ironic that we had been given a speech about abusing sick leave.

In fact the person who gave the speech called and said that speech doesn't include actual sick people. I was escorted to the clinic. The facility usually treats more mundane stuff. It did its job excellently.

It also communicated to the hospital. Don't go to work. Your docket has been reassigned.

Always On Watch said...

Good that you've been cleared.

I'm not that lucky yet.