Sunday, June 19, 2016

A non political post

I hate the way our future looks on every level. Maybe it's because I am old but I look at the way the world changed and don't like what I see.

Employment The nature of work itself is going to be project type work moving from assignment to assignment. The days of workplace buddies over years will be like the dinosaur. For those of us working low skilled jobs wave after wave of immigrants will make many people obsolete. Even mostly skilled workers are being under cut by cheap labor.

Domestic security will be heightened even worse as Extremist Muslim attacks grow common. Jews and gay venues will require more security. This is especially sad in a Jewish perspective. The tradition of welcoming travelers and strangers is a thing of the past. This is a central part of our culture rendered dangerous in the new era. A traveler
Could wash up in any Jewish house of worship and be treated as an honored guest. In some places in my travels the community made an active effort to welcome travelers and just people who drifted in. Have we got to letters of introduction or worse in the future. Will security tighten and gay clubs be more tame and selective about who they admit entry to.

Education will it become out of reach for the vast majority of working class people. Will technology force colleges to become leaner. I am not optimistic about any candidate reforming this in a meaningful manner.

Growth I don't see anyone creating sustained growth. As the EU disintergrates and China correct itself I don't see growth any time soon. I see chaos ahead on a global level.

Sadly, I don't see our lives getting better. As jobs are more mobile notions of real communities will be a thing of yesteryear. Marriage stability and family unity are becoming rarer. Are we happier than previous generations? I don't remember my grandparents being alienated from society. They were part of communities with families and had life long friends. I remember them talking about the future with pride.

If Trump is talking about making America great is he fighting Time itself and is Hilliary just a more competent Obama
Who will not get his free passes.

I don't like the world we are evolving into. Yet I don't see a way to have the best parts of previous generations with the way our future looks to be heading.

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