Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama hands Trump election

Obama is the dumbest man ever to sit in the White House. The second greatest hate crime in American history just happened. He danced around the subject of hate and Islam. The subject was obvious and his inability to speak to an obvious truth is beyond belief. Fifty dead call for blunt honesty. Moreover, the coward that did this had no criminal
Record or history of mental illness. As usual Obama grandstanded the usual rants about gun control. He did not note the area was a gun free zone with sitting ducks.

At a certain point this dishonesty about Islam gets absurd. The source of the hatred is obvious. Obama can spin rationalize and pretend this is an inconvenience.

I don't like Trump. However, his ability to state the obvious is refreshing. I wait for Hilliary to say something close, but she must be a graduate of the Max Blumenthal school of ignorance. Hilliary is not as stupid as Obama, but
That is no achievement.

Some of the Trump support is exasperation with Obama. Even as he is a lame duck, he just inflames those of us in the center. This arrogance and duplicity is not lost on Americans. Let Obama hang his head in shame as Hilliary will pay dearly for his folly.


Always On Watch said...

Obama's speech yesterday -- and Hillary's echoing the same -- may well have created more support for Trump.

Ducky's here said...

Even as he is a lame duck, he just inflames those of us in the center.

Please stop.

beakerkin said...

I am in the center Duck. Moderates don't make excuses for Fifel.