Thursday, June 23, 2016

Real stupidity

I am not a fan of banning words. What makes this one annoying is the rather absurd inclusion of Shariah on the list.
This is such an over reaction it isn't funny. Should we also ban Talmudic law and Napoleonic code. There are plenty of legal contexts where that term comes up.

I want to point out the only word that seems to be out of the vocabulary is the dreaded N word. We should come to a time and place where calling gays the F word gets a similar treatment. Slur words have no place in the work place and Shariah is not a slur.

Sometimes political correctness is more stupid than anything else.


Ducky's here said...

You may have the best of us.

When did this ban occur?

beakerkin said...

It's a new story about DHS.

Regardless of the workplace slurs don't belong.
My criticism is the only one that gets enforced is the N word. Let's enforce gay slurs similarly.

Now I understand the need for certain common sense practices. Retard is and should be off limits. There are plenty of valid reasons to discuss Down's syndrome and autism.

Moving forward to terrorism. Religious extremism is a cross religious term. Understanding Muslim religious terrorism requires understanding the concept of jihad. Now the concept and definition is not universal. However, it is important to understand the various different interpretations.

Some supervisors are ignorant and make ones out of thin air. Sweatshop was termed anti Asian. Other people work in them and it describes a workplace. The term is actually used in legal terms.