Sunday, June 12, 2016

Okay Einsteins

Notably absent from the mass slaughter of gays is Barak Obama. We are going to see spin to deterrorize this heinous hate crime against people for being themselves. We will no doubt get the self hating gay theories. We will get mental
Illness theories abound.

Lefties live in a fantasy world where Religious Christiams stupid comments about gays cause hyperventilation and Muslims spewing toxic hate is a cultural variant. There is no excuse for this hypocrisy and cultural ignorance.

I am an American. If you can not respect the next guy for being themselves get out. You do not get to bring your hate and ignorance here. You need to respect people who worship and live differently. If you do not grasp live and let live, leave.

I hope this imbecile just didn't hand the election to Trump.

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