Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clearing up some misconceptions

Okay I am now diabetic. A well meaning, but out of control relative killed the days of chips and Popeyes chicken by screaming to take multiple tests. The condition can be controlled with a bland diet and excercize. I can live miserably on that diet another 30 years. Hopefully, rather than endure life without taste I get hit by a moving vehicle or done in by a deranged junkie.

My lifestyle in some respects wasn't terrible. I despise alcohol and hate being pressured to have one. Now I can refuse firmly. I never smoked at all. I never touched or went near any illegal drugs.

Okay, I got a bad break and in time it will kill me. Most of those people who lose limbs do so from being stupid. As I despise alcohol and hate tobacco the most likely avenues for limb loss are not likely. Now I get to say no to all those people who insist I drink. Sorry, if I get kill myself better I do so with a few pieces of Popeyes than idiotic alcohol.

I saw many scary things at the hospital. Looking at heroin and pain killer addiction up close is an eye opener. Young kids strung out so bad they can't feed themselves. People with pain issues that require mind blowing doses of prescription drugs. I want to talk about the latter.

This is a real tragedy, because it turns wonderful people into a handful. My second room mate was a delightful person
With a real issue. When the pain talks, he is difficult. It is a tragedy that some injuries can cause so much pain it comes to this. It is important to understand, this still is a great person with a much greater burden than mine.

I wasn't a bad patient other than loud snoring. The staff of the hospital said they enjoyed the comedy and my personable manner. What idiot walks around in a bed sheet at 2am as Mr Philosophy. It allowed a person in pain to laugh and brought a smile to workers having a rough day.

At first I was mortified that I offended a genuine hero and good man. I was relieved to know the only issue was my snoring. Had I been placed on my side minimal issue. I was blessed to spend as much time with a genuine hero and world class guy as I did. He makes you think differently. I am slightly involved with a company that sells indestructible shirts. Throw an iced tea at it and it kicks the stain back. I wouldn't dream of wearing one, but he asked me why. I had no answer and he was right. Why shouldn't I wear one. We had a conversation about flash vs subtle. It is the old Carlo Gambino vs John Gotti manly issue. Carlo dressed and lived modestly as to avoid attention. John Gotti was a brash clothes horse. The shire may be more expensive, but they are not brash. As usual he
was correct. He is a briliant man who is steps ahead of most. Can't say how lucky I was to spend time and pick up some wisdom. On another level he appreciated my humor and was there when I got the news about diabetes. His message was you can do this and it meant a lot. He is everything I wish I were but am not. I am a world class officer, cited for my dedication, intelligence and wit. Yet I miss the poise that this man has in abundance. Poise is a wonderful thing and if I had it, I would go far.

I get back to the horrors of pain. Diabetes is bad, okay some day it will kill me. However, it isn't such a bad break
in the greater picture. Okay, I get to eat a specialized diet and a lifetime of pills. I can now be open and out of the closet about my disdain for alcohol. It's okay for you but please don't push items I hate on me. My condition will not make me difficult for others. I will not suffer anything other than boring food, but I am still me.


Ducky's here said...

Luckily it was caught early.

I hopr you make the necessary changes to keep it under control.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW's diabetes has been under control since 1995. And without insulin!

He watches his diet some, but not rigidly.

The key to keeping diabetes under control is not only diet. Physical movement (labor, exercise, etc.) makes a huge difference.

Are you walking 20-30 minutes every day? Mr. AOW, even in his sorry condition, does the equivalent of that.

Always On Watch said...

People with pain issues that require mind blowing doses of prescription drugs.

I have such prescriptions for a few weeks now that I'm post-op from fixing the kidney problems. This pain is debilitating! But this post-op pain isn't as bad as what I had to endure for five days before surgery. No pain meds during those five days! I don't have words to describe the suffering.

beakerkin said...

It isn't as difficult as it seems. Most of the people who get worse do so on alcohol. I am watching the carbs and the diet dew isn't so bad. The big thing will be salted snacks.

Giving up the fast food isn't so bad.

Always On Watch said...

Forgot to mention (heavily medicated here)...

Mr. AOW's stroke was unrelated to his diabetes. Thus said the experts at the time. I asked!