Saturday, April 25, 2015

True Love

I love the little Dog and the Cheekie kid. When I sleep early I only allow the dog to climb into the bed or enter the room. Even as a puppy that was his preferred place to rest. Even when I sleep in crazy places like in the basement next to the boiler or in front of the toolshed in the yard he sleeps where I sleep. In fact when I was missing in the basement and did not go work the dog found me. He scratches my back with his paw if he wants me to move. As a small dog the kids would not leave him alone. They were afraid of waking me up.

The Cheekie kid woke me up. Rather than be angry I gave her a hug. Just that smile and that laugh were pleasant enough. She wanted a juice box and I got her one. Oddly her intelligence surprises me at times. I was trying out a new product by Smuckers as I own stock in the company. The product was whipped Chocolate and Peanutbutter. The kid said me want that. I pointed out it wasn't exactly peanut butter. I placed some on a cracker which she licked for about half an hour but did not like the cracker. She only likes my Ritz or Keebler ones and Does not touch grandmas.

I will miss the Cheekie kid when she visits her fathers family abroad for a month. Her adventures and mischief brighten my day.

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