Sunday, April 05, 2015

Fake Rape Allegations

I want to point out the subject of rape is a very serious matter. There is much truth to actual victims under reporting actual assaults. There is also a widely quoted 2% fake allegation that appears to be a widely reported mythology that has never been quantified.

In reality these numbers are somewhat murky. Where does unsubtantiated or unproven fall into this mix. It is not false but we should not make a leap of faith that unsubtantiated means an actual crime took place.

Even in the late 80s the rape culture that all men are sexual predators and women are virtuous was the
dominant narrative. When a so called expert said all men are potential rapists. I responded potential is
meaningless unless it is actualized. Potentially you are an imbecile, but have indicated by your verbiage you have fulfilled that potential. Actually, had any other group been similarly castigated the person would be guilty of a hate crime.

I am very fortunate that I was always above the board in my dating history. Luckily the smell of alcohol and the stupid conversations are a turnoff for me. It is quite easy to see how the politically charged campus atmosphere has manipulated reality where males are at the mercy of the system. Those that think women are not capable of false and malicious charges should read volumes of child abuse allegations in divorce proceedings. Divorce is usually initiated by the female and sadly children
become casualties of the war for assets. Any claim that women are uniquely virtuous and men are innately evil is infantile.

Let professional investigators deal with rape allegations. Professional investigators are trained experts
and are more trained to deal with these type of situations than Stalinist university flunkies. Rape is a criminal matter that is best handled by professionals. I will not limit this criticism to Universities. A fringe group of political imbeciles in the UK decided they would similarly investigate sex crimes internally. The result was the politically powerful prevailed in the SWP. The results were even more embarrassing in the Webberman case. The community bullied a rape victim. The leader of the disgraceful congregation called the victim a whore.

In general the claim of scores of rapes on campuses appears to be a politically driven media event. We have seen these before with stories of Black Churches burning, This included fake memories by Bill Clinton. The famous domestic violence spurts after the Super Bowl was another fabricated story. Add to this Victimology hacks defining almost everything done by males as rape. Add the twisted desire for attention. One can recite various people who reported fake hate crimes with ease. University culture turns these victims into celebrities. Conversely when politically popular victim groups commit hate crimes against Jews the university elite turn a blind eye.

Of course lefties rant about organizations investigating themselves. However, these concerns do not seem to apply to lefties in universities or extreme left  political parties.

Let professionals do their jobs without Stalinist political hacks messing things up.

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We note that even untra rightie
universities like Liberty U have
their experiences in the murky business