Thursday, April 02, 2015

No faith in the DOJ

The Obama administration is rife with corruption and incompetence. The latest bit is the blatantly political move to not jail Lois Lerner for contempt of congress. The DOJ making this choice is in violation of multiple ethics sections of the law. In this case with an ex DOJ employee the entire matter should have been handled by a special prosecutor.

Lerner deserves to spend the rest of her days on a series of RICO charges. Those trials can last years and the jail terms are usually in the decades. In the case of Lerner there should be no plea deal. She should face years of courtroom trials followed by hard time with criminals in the Federal Pen with no possibility of parole until she is 150.

The agencies that employed Lerner need to be purged. Anyone with 20 years experience who is eligible to collect retirement pay immediately should be shown the door and permanently barred from further employment with the government. In this case it is important to end the Lerner/ Obama pattern of corruption. Lerners actions and career are far worse than the actions of Benadict Arnold. Prior to Arnold's act of treason he had been a hero who save the country at least twice. He got into a series of political infighting and was denied credit that his actions had warranted by peers with a fraction of his ability.

Lerner is a political hack who spent her entire career abusing her authority. She is an attorney and any claim she was not cognizant of her crimes is comedic. Her crimes are worse than treason because she took it upon herself to blatantly interfere in the rights of citizens she disagreed with to practice rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

As for her crimes on the community level. She should be thrown out of any real house of worship for her persecution of pro Israel groups and her violations of the law on behalf of Obama. Her family members should be subjected to verbal abuse, but no threats of physical violence. She is a latter day Kapo and should be reminded of it every day for the remainder of her wasted life. In her case jail would be more merciful than life as a pariah.

She gasped that she is better than Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer commited acts of violence and impacted only a few hundred people. Lerner betrayed the Constitution she swore an oath to uphold. Her malfeasance damaged the American people. The fact that she spent a career abusing her authority and was rewarded with promotions and bonuses illustrates a culture of corruption on a massive scale.  These crimes against the fabric of our society are far worse than those of Dahmer.

Lerners name should be synonymous with Abuse of authority and malfeasance.


Ducky's here said...

This fixation you have with Lois Lerner is fascinating.

I assume you feel determining if a PAC deserves tax exempt status is a criminal activity.
Very odd.

Oh, have you noticed that Nuttyyahoo is having a tough time lining up effective opposition to a treaty with Iran?

beakerkin said...

As a person who cries about McCarthy I will take this a grain of salt.

Ducky's here said...

What the hell does McCarthy have to do with a department of the IRS being legally tasked to determine the tax exempt status of PACs?

You are being delusional, Beak.

Take a junk food run. That seems to clear your head.

beakerkin said...

Lerners abuse of the law is akin to Bull Connor.
She abused her position to harass those she disagreed with. As an attorney she was well aware of her ethics violations and massive abuse of the constitutional rights of those she messed with. Moreover, she knowingly went after members of the groups.

Then again you seem to gloss over these kind of abuses in Venezuela.

Lerner should be arrested and spend her remaining days in court and jail. Her family should be reminded of her crimes at every opportunity.

BB-Idaho said...

Good for Lerner. Political PACS
should pay taxes; their sole purpose is to elect those that will do their will. She should get the Nobel Prize. :)

Ducky's here said...

Bull Connor? Are you on drugs?

What the hell does Venezuela have to do with this?

Really, go buy some junk food and mellow out.

beakerkin said...

Except that this law was only enforced on groups Lerner objected to you might have a point.

Lerner violated every ethical standards. Her actions are appropriate in North Korea. Her crimes are so heinous that her family should be subjected to verbal abuse short of physical threats.

Note the ethics training that every federal employee takes every year deals with these topics. The entire career of Lerner, who is an attorney, has knowingly trampled these laws on a massive scale.

There should be a plethora of civil law suits that be filed non stop if she is not held accountable for her crimes. Let's see if she is willing to go to jail like Liddy. The crimes of Liddy were trivial compared to the heinous actions of Lerner.

beakerkin said...

Funny Commies like yourself understand abuse of power and ethical violations when they are done against Blacks. Lerners violations of the law were far more pervasive than Bull Connor. She directly abused her power in a direct attempt to prevent those whose opinions she disagreed with from politically organizing. Her crimes exceed the abuses and amorality of Bull Connor.

Venezuela is pertinent to a discussion of the crimes of Lois Lerner and your own duplicity. The Chavez group routinely uses the governmental power to persecute political opponents. Lerner not only went after the groups she went after individual donors. Her actions are straight out of Stalinist Russis or the Spanish Inquisition.

Lerner violated her oath of office on multiple occasions. Her actions reek of treasous contempt for the Constitution she swore to uphold. Any comparison between her and Benedict Arnold is an insult to Benedict Arnold.