Monday, April 27, 2015

Rabbi Rick Jacobs Circus Clown

There are those who ponder why I don't join a reform temple given my exasperation over my brothers over the too Orthodox nuttiness. My brother may be exasperating but he takes his job seriously. He is a Rabbi and does not disgrace or bore to death from the pulpit. He has political views but they are secondary to teaching Torah.

Enter Circus Clown Rabbi Rick Jacobs who rants Jews reject Pam Gellers venom. Who the heck is this side show nobody to talk for the entire class community? Geller herself does not put on such haughty arrogance. As Jews are being killed outside of Israel for being themselves, does the Rabbi seem slightly concerned. As the Rabbis fellow lefty brethren abuse and target Jewish students for abuse did this circus clown raise his voice. Did he say anything about the bombastic rhetoric at OWS that included rants about Zionist Bankers. If a Jew in his congregation is subjected to
Personal abuse it is almost entirely from his fellow moonbat leftists.

When you see the catch phrase Social Justice from the pulpit you are getting a Marxist moron infiltrating a house of worship. If the Rabbi was so concerned about this, he should have told his congregation to stop exploiting their domestic help. Now this might seem excessive, but given the propensity of his congregants of Scarsdale to hire and exploit illegal aliens this is on point.

Excuse me circus clown, but isn't your job as Rabbi first and foremost to cater to the spiritual needs of your congregation. How about some actual Torah and less of your political bs. If you want to bandy politics how about quiting your job as Rabbi and become Hilllary Clintons replacement for Side Show Michael Lerner.

Geller does not speak for me either. However, at this time when Jews are being persecuted and killed for who they are
we need discussion of where the abuse is comming from. Like you I don't applaud the recent deaths of Arabs killed in a revenge attack. Given the daily provocations commited by Arabs it is a testament to Israel that these are rare events. Look no further than Grozny for how a nation reacts for far less than Israelis endure.

Don't waste time with genocidal lunatics who are fairly open about their intention to massacre Jews. When Hamas and their Diet Hamas clones ramble on about genocide do you counter with Instead of killing us all today how about five years from now. When and where does a discussion begin about Arab intransigence and lefties creating a mythical ethnicity to stoke populist Jew hatred. The Arabs in Israel and Gaza live a better than people in plenty of places.
The notion that Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are more deserving than Kurds or various tribal people around the globe is fiction. How about Arabs cede some land to Berbers, Kurds and Copts in a regional peace deal.

Moreover, as individual Jews are harangued by lefties in Universities and their place of employment have you said a word. It would be rude if people were to bring up the snuff films and antics of ISIS to their classmates and coworkers daily. If you are in a University hit the books and respect the personal space of your peers who have the same first amendment rights. If you are in the workplace this political bs borders on EEO issues. I am not talking about isolated slips of the younger. I also endure this myself and politely remind people that constantly harping on Israel because a coworker is Jewish is boorish. I certainly don't subject Haitians or Chinese people for harangues based on their governments policies, it would be rude. Oddly Chinese and Haitians are apt to innocuously joke about their countries themselves. A Chinese coworker was kidding that one could get arrested for breathing. Many people joke about government corruption in passing in their home countries. This is quite different to the insidious constant discussion about Israel brought up every two seconds by boorish lefties. A conversation about the local sports team is hijacked by lefties obsessed with the issue. The unnatural mania of the left aids and abets intransigence from Arabs who have made zero concessions and are often frank with genocidal intentions. Lefties dismiss this as flowery rhetoric, but we have seen this movie before.

I speak for myself and so does every other member of my community


Always On Watch said...

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It's my tenth blog anniversary. Stop by if you can. You are mentioned!

BB-Idaho said...

Rabbi Jacobs is a modern Jew.
Israel is full of them: that's
why that little country thrives
in a hostile environment. That
country's only problem is its
loony ultra-orthodox population.