Saturday, April 18, 2015

Odd tastes

I tend to eat different foods than the rest of the people in the house. Sometimes others use these odd items.The Mrs loves Potato Bread with her tea. I eat Turkey Bologna which is loved by the young grandaughers and the little dog. I cut a small section of mozzarella for the dog. I have a fondness for Hawaian Punch and Tahitian Treat which is shared by everyone except the Mrs. Oddly I found one of the Granddaughters loves Dots. I have a decided weakness for that candy. When I was a kid in Liberty NY I used to walk long back roads from Ferndale. At the end of the trip was a Candystore a block away from the Main Street. I bought Chuckles there so much I called the place Chucks. My mother gave me a box of Dots and I didn't touch a pack for over 40 years. There were no Sweedish fish in those days

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Ducky's here said...

I was one of a distinct minority back then. I really liked Sky bars.