Monday, April 06, 2015

Belated Ten Year Anniversary

This site has been up and running for over ten years. As people move away to Facebook and Twitter the site has become more or less a diary with some political commentary.

I don't think I have changed much. The times have changed but I am still late 80's in my heart.

I think of the bloggers who are deceased like Orange Ducks, Jams O Donnel and a few others. No conversation is complete without the tragic Dr Yeagley. I am at a loss to understand how a person who loved America and Christ with all his heart could be so mistaken. In private he was a decent man
who cared about his friends. Even as he was dying of cancer we would bandy about family and the abstract. I hope he is in a good place where he sees our spirits are individual.

I think of the bloggers who are gone like Mr Beamish, TMW and the Editrix to name a few and miss them. I miss Justin Morris and Rob. I am glad they challenged my thinking at times. I can't say enough good things about all of those people. I speak to Warren every now and then. The most fun persona of all time was Mr Beamish.

I do not miss the criminal troll John Brown or Socrates. I hope the wrestling impresario gets deported to Venezuela or any other communist piss hole.

Ten years of fun and reality. Maybe if it is possible I will save this site onto a disk and have it buried with me. Who knows after some religious nut starts Armageddon it will be a record of what we were.

I will hit ten years as an officer in June. At that time I will invite a few selected readers like AOW, Zinla, mikes America and even the Duck to talk about immigration and what I have learned or failed to learn in my ten years. My views of governance and systems have certainly changed.

One note for Poultry. When the subject of gay marriage came to my office I led the effort to embrace the change as a matter of duty and equity. I have been very critical of the treatment of gays and lesbians in my office. If the N word is wrong so are anti gay slurs. This does not mean that common humor is forbidden. Common humor is making fun of everyone. Example I am a guy and I pay for everything. Gays probably have martial arts contests fighting over who pays the bill. This is a type of joke that includes gays as going through the same stuff the rest of us deal with. Another joke was about gays not understanding what it is like to be there with a partner that spends hours to pick out one item of clothing. Gays swear they know this better than I do.


BB-Idaho said...

Nothing wrong with common humor.

Always On Watch said...

10 years? Congratulations!

My blogoversary is later this month.

Like you, Beak, I miss those bloggers who have left us -- for one reason or another.

I do participate in FB, where I have contact with former bloggers. But I don't like FB nearly as well as blogging.