Sunday, April 26, 2015

Obama has finally done the impossible

I was driving back with my family and floored by the comments of my siblings. Obamas lack of candor about Islam has turned the normally liberal relatives into mini Pam Gelkers. Now they do not work in a large office, but this change
Perplexes me. Then again, the failure of the administration is profound as the Egytians and Saudis are more honest about discussing this issue.

The problem with Obama is his infantilism. He is a Marxist who divides the world in a similar manner to jihadists. As
a Marxist he has a reflexive fantasy with 99 percent of all groups who rebel against the status quo. The notable exception to this is the TEA Party. Thus the notion of religious zealots chanting against Strongmen or Royal families
is music to the Obamunist clods. Obamunist morons bend over backwards to avoid anything that can remotely be considered anti Islamic. The problem is that the Saudis and Egyptians are clearer on the situation than Obama. The folks at ISIS have created a Mad Max Islamic inspired mess. The problem has been the left has excused this type of lunacy so long as these loser types use jargon about liberation and oppression. There are some of you that are floored by the ranting of the welfare mother of the Boston Bomber. Anyone familiar with current events has seen this many times.

The challenge for Muslims is that s certain part of ISIS is aboriginal. The notion of a small band of violent clods committing mayhem is familiar. However, this is not the year 700. Moreover massacres at shopping malls and snuff films do nothing but make Islam look bad. This also is a misreading of the world of the original and the context of the teaching. The violence was calculated and not gratuitous. The original prophet was also a businessman. The violence was not constant nor aimless.

Let's say someone smoking bad stuff were to write a Bible of the Life of Beakerkin. The times I acted aggressive would miss my substance. I am much pride of helping scores of people than tossing hardened criminals. It would miss the actual essence of my career is my focus on ordinary people lost in the system and mentoring new officers.

Muslims need to discuss What the teachings of the prophet mean in the world of today. When the prophet lived slavery
was a global norm. Today it is not acceptable. Islam was a new religion establishing itself in a hostile environment.
Now it is the establishment in many places. The question of how draconian the law needs to be is internal. There is no such thing as never in history. The societies themselves need to understand the value of intellectual freedom while maintaining respect for tradition. Democratic reforms modeled on India as opposed to Europe are more realistic.
Turkey had a history of the army maintaining secularism. Unfortunately Obamas best friend has similar delusional fantasies of grandiosity.

The problem with Obama is he has a warped understanding of America. He is a pothead preppy who abused Affirmative Action straight to the Presidency. Now that we have added so many foreign minorities what is the rationale for affirmative action. I was discussing this yesterday with a friend. The Black male managers are all foreign born. There is one Jewish person in a population that is overwhelmingly Jewish. The problem is Obama has poisoned the atmosphere for discussions anout the future. Obama has no problem using the word terrorist to describe his opponents.


Always On Watch said...

Obamas lack of candor about Islam has turned the normally liberal relatives into mini Pam Gelkers.

I know some other people who have reacted the same way. The-burning alive-in-cages videos turned them into "Islamophobes."

Always On Watch said...

Obama has no problem using the word terrorist to describe his opponents.

What does that tell us about him? Hmmmm?