Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rather Not

I am stuck in my version of hell. Lakewood NJ is a large Frummie community. I would sooner be anywhere. The reality is that this is part of the issue with Frummie relatives. They force their lifestyle on you. If we were in a gay restaurant the food and music would be better. The people would be cool. Alas at least when I die I can rest my bones
In Guyana far from this absurd lifestyle.

The reality is I don't care how people live. Just keep me far from the Orthodox and let me rest as I lived in exile. This is a lifestyle that was imposed on me against my will. I honor the wishes of family but being ensconced in an Orthodox community grates on my nerves.

No doubt my Hindu family has some odd customs. Take your shoes off at the door even if you got foot odor. Don't eat pork or beef in the house and that is pretty much it. The weddings are to long and there is way too much drunkedness.
Given the choice of being surrounded by sanctimonious cultural zeros or drunken idocy I choose the later. I don't say much in either place.


Ducky's here said...

Why are you visiting them when it causes grief?

beakerkin said...

I was stuck at a family gathering. Actually having a religious family member it is very inconvenient. You eat in lousy restaurants with
Annoying people.

I want to point to the antics of Rabbi Rick Jacobs for a moment. If you are curious as to why I despise Reform Judaism the rhetoric of Rabbi Jacobs is instructive. If the Rabbi is so concerned with Social