Thursday, April 09, 2015

No better friend then the small dog

I got sick again as there is a nasty virus going around Queens. I went home early and in my weakened
condition should not have lugged gallons of milk from the subway. I also bought a huge box of Popsicles for my two grandaughers.

I was exhausted and freezing and went straight to the boiler in the basement to warm up. I enjoyed the heat and fell asleep next in the heat. Now I was no longer cold but burning up. The dog located me and fell asleep on my hip like King of the mountain. I was so weak with fever climbing the stairs was difficult. My problem now was dehydration.

Cheekie greeted me and said Popsicle. I gave both grandaughers some Popsicles and They were well behaved. I had one two because I was parched. We went through the box in one day.

I drank some water but it is difficult to swallow and it took me twenty minutes to hold down. I was still sick and barely could touch a small chicken and Broccoli pot pie. As I prepared to sleep the little dog jumped into bed and slept next to me. I woke up and gave him a treat of lamb strips. I just wasn't hungry.

The fever has broken and other than being dehydrated, I am fine. The small dog was a lifesaver.

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