Friday, April 10, 2015

The N Word

I don't use this word. The use of the word is a sign of stupidity and a lack of class. The problem is that it is unique among a series of slurs. You can use almost any other slur and keep a career. If the N word is a career killer so should the F word for gays and other slur words.

We had a recent example where a Black college basketball player used the word to describe a white player. There is a perception that Blacks can use this term with impunity. This is akin to having your cake and eating it also.

I am not advocating the use of slur words. These words aren't creative and serve no purpose other than to inflame. The player in question was frustrated. However, if he said something wittier we would be admiring his creativity and class. Even Goofy steals the  scene in a Disney cartoon once in a while. Or it was like watching a Revenge of the Nerds film. All of us including the player in question would share a laugh and a touch of admiration.

I cringe when 20 something types use that word or end it with obliviousness. Maybe it is a product of my age. I grew up not long after the Civil Rights era. Those days are fifty years ago. When I was born it was closer in time to the Great Depression.  I used to listen with annoyance at tales of woe that grew bigger every year. It is a generational thing that maybe I don't get  and don't want to get.

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