Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taking time to view nature

I enjoy this time of year where the trees flower for two weeks. Last year the pollen was really bad causing my eyes to swell up. On a normal year I might have a bad day or two.

I will enjoy the return of Cheekie. It hasn't been fun without her mischief. Oddly my daughter eats the emergency food I purchase for the kid. I make sure she has her Popsicles and there are kid size fish sticks that can be made quickly. I eat barrel pickles but the kid prefers B&G.

One of my hobbies is I collect shares of food company stocks. I enjoy going to the store and buying my own brands.
Other than pickles I usually have a company that makes every item. Heinz Pickles are seldom seen here and my daughter
hates bread and butter chips. Down the road I may take a small stake in General Mills or BGS. I enjoy the name brand aspect and when companies underperform they get bought out.

Allergies and weather permitting I will take a walk with the dog. He sleeps at my back and enjoys the trees differently than I do. He enjoyed some chicken livers and I gave him a hard boiled egg. He just has a great deal of fun and misses Cheekie also.

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