Monday, April 06, 2015

The Return of the Frummies

I knew they would return. Of course, normal people do not walk in at three thirty in the morning. Then again when have norms of behaviors ever applied to Frummies. Normal people get a good nights sleep return in the morning or leave after a holiday. Frummies do neither and walk about like religious zombies.

In case those of you are keeping score I still do not talk to the Frummies since the car caper. Someone
warns you that if you take their car the relationship is over. They take the car anyway and trash it so it
is junk and expect life goes on. Of course if the wife ever gets off her rear and works none of this happens. Then the idiot relative says its just a car have a thousand . I don't need or want the money. I want to sever the relationship.

If my brother were criminal it would be easier. He would be in jail serving his debt to society. His kids would not be so obtuse and lazy. If my brother were gay, they would not be cultural zeros and  constantly in debt. Instead, I get hypocritical religious zombies whose lifestyle is an embarrassment.
My brother worked very hard to become an ignoramus. Beyond work and religious texts nobody with
a life cares about he knows nothing.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with the ultimate pariahs, a member of the loathed Satmar community. Sorry, but stupid costumes and following insane borderline criminal leaders does not make one Jewish. The clothes are not authentic. They are veneration of ghetto culture that was paradise never was. As for the lifetime of sloth on the dole nothing could be further from the truth. I knew plenty of people from those ghettos. These were my grandfathers generation and they were honest in business as well. The notion that the community would venerate a pedophile while castigating molested kids is absurd. If you define Judaism kindly show me the exit.

The member of the Satmar tried to say we are kin. I pointed out we are not kin and the disgusting antics of his leader and vile community are not connected to me in any description. The rank and file followers are not used to blunt honesty.

I want nothing to do with the community any more. I was always very private about my disdain. Those who wish to be more religious are free to do so without bothering me.

A car is tiny price to pay for freedom.

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