Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Getting Rid of the Frummies

I have managed to avoid the planets biggest jerks the ignorant and lazy frummies. They bring their toxic lifestyle and impose on their family. My car was destroyed through their negligence. I also warned my brother taking the vehicle in question would end our relationship. He doesn't have the money to buy a new car because his wife refuses to work and he pays crushing Yeshiva tuition.

The car spat disinhereted his family. Whatever is left of my collections will be distributed to my daughter and nephew from a different sibling. My remains will be placed in Guyana away from any of his foul offspring. There will be no memorial service. Just a final plane ride and drive trough the countryside in a remote location. Oddly if I did not possess several domestic spots this flight of fancy would still be cheaper than buying a spot locally. I will ask my family in Guyana to say a few short words.

The holidays are not things that bring the family together. His Adrian Monk like mania for minute rules ruins every gathering. His conversation about his religious zombie lifestyle taxes my nerves.
While most lifestyle quirks do not impact relatives the Frum lifestyle drives the more secular types up
A wall.

Fortunately, he will be away for the Seder. He will return on the third day of the holiday and annoys everyone but I will be elsewhere.

This conflict goes on in plenty of families. The irritation of the secular types with the behavior of the Frum types rarely gets discussed. I made a decision to walk away from this in my twenties and stop pretending. I never wanted any part of this religion and am happy to never set foot in a house of worship again, except for funerals.

I am not anti religion. My view is that it is a part of life that provides a framework. When the rote tasks become drudge work it is time to move on. It is more important that people live honorably that perform rituals that are increasingly annoying due to obsessive minutia. I don't want sermons at the table in family time.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle was thrust on me and I rejected it. My choice was private. I did not discuss it with others even when asked. My comments were find your own path. Oddly one of the rare discussions was with a hypocrite show off. He went off for about 20 minutes about my living differently. My response was live your own life. There is no need to discuss this. He wanted to fight, but I walked away. The person saying that went on to use drugs, have numerous affairs and is serving jail time for a crime of violence.

At least my brother is not Bill Ayers. He is obnoxious, arrogant, hypocritical, clueless but at least he isn't a menace to the general public.

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beakerkin said...

BB pointed out Cain and Abel

The concept is a tad off. I find my brother and his family an embarassment. I would be happier
If he emigrated or at least toned down the
Religious mania.