Thursday, April 23, 2015

All elected officials should be subjected to the same rules as employees

There is something decidedly hypocritical with the media scrutiny of Republican candidates and no meaningful discussion of the bio of Obama and leftist lunatics. Obama was a stoner. His drug usage was habitual and far from the
Juvenile smoking of a joint a few times. Federal employees are subject to drug testing and plenty of workers are eliminated from consideration or disciplined for much less than our Pothead president.

You will hear plenty about every stament and disturbing facts about the family of the Paul and Cruz families. There has been no meaningful discussion about the Obama Adams family sideshow. There has still been no scrutiny of his college years or grades. There has been no discussion about what he taught as a political hack appointment in a law school or how he was hired.

From now on all candidates for elected office should be drug tested and have their transcripts posted. This will spare us Gomer Kerry posing as an intellectual with pedestrian grades.

Obama would not likely pass a basic security clearance in a non politicized format.


Ducky's here said...

About the only thing I;ve heard about the Cruz family is that his father is a Dominionist freak who thinks the Old Testament overrules American law.

I think that's something we should know.
Of course Republican whack jobs like Orly Taitz, Rudy Giuliani and Allen Keyes.

beakerkin said...

Whatever Cruz Sr. Believes in it is preferable to the anti white, anti semitic Marxist Churcj of pastor Wright that Obama sat in for twenty years.

beakerkin said...

A Christian believing that law should be inspired by scripture is rather unique. Funny but would you use the term freak to describe Muslims who seek to impose Sharia on non Muslims.

beakerkin said...

Let's start about the Obsma family freak show. Obama Sr. Was a Polygamist Marxist Alcoholic
Morally perverse socialist labotomy. There is zero Evidence he married Obamas airhead hippie chick promiscuous mother. No marriage certificate has ever been located. No photos or witnesses to the event have ever been produced. There are even very few photos of this alleged sideshow marrital couple,. Had such a marriage certificate been produced the goverment was ready to charge Obama sr as a polygamist. Don't take my word for it read the A file yourself.

Where does one start with the airhead Antropology cliown Dunham. Her lack of career, her alleged multiple marriages, promiscuity or idiotic Marxist politics. Then we can start with a pedophile communist mentor. The communist politics of Obamas grandfather. Obamas friendship with Communist terrorist Ayers. We haven't even dealt with Rashid Khalidi. All of which make Cruz Sr look like a role model in any sane comparison.. I will take a practicing Christian over Marxist baboons, terrorists and stoner childhood. Even Ron Paul looks better than the Obama Adams family.