Monday, September 30, 2013

Okay bird brain

The thing about talking to Communists like Duncy about any subject is a waste of time. Duncy might know about video techniques for porno films in Van Nuys but this is the sum of his knowledge.

The over representation of Marxists and Anarchists in higher ed leaves a large section of what passes for so called intellectual thought to be comedic fodder.

Noam Chomsky is not a trained historian and his reputation as a linguist is based upon his timing. His techniques and mendacity are noted by actual historians last we checked Arthur Schlesinger remains an actual liberal. His fixations with Ellie Wiesel are shared with Holocaust deniers with whom he  corresponds.

The list of Chomsky whoppers can be found on line.

Prof Said: Also not a trained historian. His field was Literature and anyone interested in seeing his work demolished in seconds need look no further then Ibn Warraq. Bernard Lewis should not have cheapened himself by responding to a untrained knave.

According to Duncy Arabs, who have a lengthy history of colonialism, and 22 ethnically cleansed States and oppress actual indigenous people need a 23 ethnically cleansed state. They need 100% of the available land in the Middle East.

Okay Comwad answer a few questions

1) Did Arabs, Anatolians and Persians  practice Colonialism?
2) What makes the case for Palestine more pressing then Kurdistan, a state for Berbers, Assyrians, Copts and groups with actual historical identities, languages and culture. Like Brooklyn so called Palestine has a dialect? Unlike Brooklyn we can point to many famous people who made the world a better place. Whitman, pick an entertainer not named Streisand. Lets see Arafat born in Cairo, Said educated in Cairo with an exagerated bio. Where is Brooklynistan or St Louistan?
3) Are the natives of Brooklyn related to Carnarsie Indians in the same manner Palestinians are related to Philistines or Phyllis Diller
4) Jesus was called King of the what????
5) For most of recorded history did Muslim oppress Jew or visa versa?
6) Moving ahead why did the Jews leave every country other then Morocco in great numbers? Would you care to enlighten Jews from Yemen, Syria and Iraq about their historical treatment. Funny, but Jews from those countries and the former Soviet Union are the most intransigent opponents of additional  Arab Judenfrei real estate.
7) Where is Jerusalem in the Koran? What building stood on the site of the Dome of the Rock?
8) Did Jews live in Medina before Islam?
9) If you insist on comparing Arabs to Indians you are mistaken. Israel is akin to a reservation and the Arab
demands for yet even more land from a people they abused and mistreated in their own lands is as preposterous as claiming Native Americans should get off their reservations. Sorry, but Indians obsessed with Palestine are almost always Marxist like yourself and unfamiliar with actual history that conflicts with Mickey Marxist cartoon versions of history.
10) How many ethnically cleansed Arab States is enough?
11) Why is okay for Arabs, Anatolians and Persians to rule over Kurds?
12) Where are the mentions of Palestinians as an existing people in Josephus. I see plenty about Jews but nothing about Palestinians? Where were they when Jews revolted against Greece?

Hint unlike Chomsky, Prof Said and others Gingrich was a trained historian. As he didn't follow the Marxist cult of idiocy he was denied tenure.

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