Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bird Brained Bigotry

The Duck feels as a dedicated Communist he can use racial, ethnic and homophobic epithets with impunity.
The latest example is calling without rationale David Yeagley Gay.

The truth is that for the most part most of us give little thought to who is and isn't gay. This is a personal quirk that is not a big deal to most of us. One of the best bosses at work is gay. I have no issues as a straight guy working for a gay boss. In many ways we laugh about the aspects of the job and life together. For example someone joked man does not live on bread alone. No he needs beer and fried chicken as well. We joke about common experiences or how in NYC the reaction to a gay coworker or neighbor is so what.

Dr. Yeagley is a friend with some pretty misguided ideas about race and Christ. In his heart he loves his country, faith and is a man of arts and letters. Of course if Yeagley bought into the Communist stereotype and hated his country and Christians he would probably be employed at a University teaching English Lit.
In my travels the Indians I met are actually more devout Christians then the general population, but Duncy clings to the myths of Indians, Blacks and Latinos as Protorevolutionaries against the Capitalistic Order.
Oddly, a Black Person like Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas who rejects Marxist group rights cult of victimhood gets similar abuse from Duncy.

I do not post on Bad Eagle because I have a different vision of patriotism. It is open to all who share a common set of beliefs in  our founding documents and  traditions.In the case of Yeagley this is tragic because he loves America with all his heart while not grasping its essence.

 In the case of the Duck he has a new failed model of Communism. He wants to transform the US into the EU so we can all live like Greeks, Spainards and the French and think jobs are like bigfoot. The Duck hates the United States sides with every enemy of this country and has pathological obsessions with Jews and Israel. We seldom post about that topic but the Duck has a need to discuss it at every opportunity. One need not look further then the mess of my beloved Guyana to see the mess caused by corrupt Marxist on
a wonderful place.

FYI. When we have diversity fests I list my country of origin as Guyana. It is a running joke at work and the Greek Diner. Where a man years to rest in a hammock with a beer and breeze between the rainstorms is Guyana. It is my adopted home and I shall retire there and live out my golden years adventuring in the interior.


BB-Idaho said...

Guyana possesses a large unique
rainforest in the interior (the
site of Arthur Conan Doyle's "Lost World'. Primitive jungles, huge
waterfalls, semi-civilized tribes.
It DOES sound like a great retirement place...but the leading cause of death is malaria!!

beakerkin said...

The part of Guyana you are talking about is the Mt Roraima region. The area remains very unsafe due to the drug dealing that takes place in Hugo's crack den next door.

The US Government told me in advance don't go there. The Guyanese police told my driver what sections were off limits.

May sound strange but the swamps around Lake Champlain were harder to cross then the areas I traveled in Guyana. The place does have massive waterfall.

The Indians I encountered were called the Buck people. They were easy to deal with. I wanted a low key visit but the whole local community visited.

I did too much meet as there were dozens of people visiting.