Sunday, September 01, 2013

Harry's Place Fraud

I want to point out that Harry's Place used to be a wonderful resource. It was the home of the many wonderful posts of Michael Ezra that should be required reading for all. It was a good site that fought the noble fight.

There is a cancer at HP and it is the American Correspondent Gene Zitver. Gene is the most intellectually lazy and craven blogger on the web. He is a dual national with loyalty to neither America or Israel. His loyalty is to a corrupt and unethical lame duck moron. Harry's Place was not created to be the Obama Cult HQ. Zitver could have placed the Obama worship elsewhere.

The cult of personality bit is completely over the top. We are supposed to hate the man that saved Israel, because he uttered a few inexcusable lines in private. Yes Nixon did say dumb things, but he was a greater
friend to Israel than Barry O. Nixon did not sit in a racist antisemitic church for two decades and feign ignorance. 

HP feigns that it is pro-Israel and that it fights antisemitism. This is a blatant lie and the site has spent more time criticizing Pam Geller and Robert Spencer then discussing antisemitism in the USA.

1) The site did countless false stories on the TEA Party that has not been accused of antisemitism or linked to terrorism. It did not do a single post on the most vapid forms of Jew Hatred at OWS. When pressed to comment the airhead Zitver stated that a few antisemites does not infer the whole grouping had a problem. 

Funny because Gene went postal for alleged racial slurs aimed by a few Tea Party protesters at a Black Congressman. There were hundreds of cameras that somehow missed this. In fact anyone familiar with Tea Party events grasps this is unlikely as they tend to be law abiding and will toss racists quickly.About the worst thing I ever heard at a Tea Party event was Aacorn sucks. I specifically went looking for bigots and violent types and couldn't find them. I found Jew haters at OWS in minutes.

2) Gene is fond of imagined claims of antisemitism when it comes to Glenn Beck. A group that is paid for by Soros accuses Beck of being antisemitic for quoting Soros. Glenn Beck supports the State of Israel and Soros is considered such a pariah he has to hide his donations from J Street.  

3) Gene also ignored the gaffe where the Savior proclaimed he knows more about whats in Israel's interests 
then its elected leaders. This is classic Obama arrogance and megalomania. The State of Israel has a Democratically elected leader he despised. Gene supports the notion of an imperial Obama imposing peace on Israel over the democratically elected leader.

4) You can look for stories of lefties abusing college students at American universities at Harry's Place but they aren't there. On the rare occasion you see a story of an American Professor acting grossly negligent it is posted by a UK contributor.

The site really has very little to do with Israel and pretty much functions as the Obama Cult HQ. As it becomes apparent that Obama has abused his powers, caused long term damage to the economy and is about to use the military for an ego trip Gene continues pouring the Kool Aide.

Historically, leftist clowns claim that those on the right are brainwashed by Faux News and all march to the
beat of Limbaugh, Beck and whatever, You can find plenty of disagreement on a range of issues on the right.
The Obamarhoids literally repeat whatever idiocy Obama says at the moment.



Duckys here said...

When are you moving to Israel?

beakerkin said...

Spoken like a Marxist antisemite. Lets see would you say to a Black Man go back to Africa or to a Mexican go back to Mexico,

I am more apt to build a small vacation home in Guyana than Israel.If my beloved Catskills were not filled with high crime enclaves I would retire there but taxes are insane.

Of course we might add since you advocate Communism for others you need to renounce your citizenship
and move to North Korea.

Did your boys over at ANSWER miss the memo about Obama being a good
Marxist. They must be missing the memo about Operation Enduring Stupidity.