Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beakerkin creates his own "monkey style burger"

With a touch of creativity you can make your own Monkey Style burger at your local Greek Diner.

The key ingredient is the "animal style" French fries.

order a sloppy joe
top it with cheese mozzarella is the best
add fried onions
eight french fries if they are steak fries less but it tastes better
place a burger patty on top
add barbecue sauce and pickle relish or pickle chips
The cook will scratch his head

Anything a burger chain can do, your local Greek Diner does better. Just let your imagination lead you and tip well.

I had the crew make me a bungalow bar Ice cream soda.
I mixed the ingredients to create the distinct three layered look
Unfortunately, two other people ordered one and I had to mix theirs

Oddly, I still remember some of the soda fountain classics
I probably could still make a banana boat variant of the banana split
It adds a bed of crushed pineapple to the three scoop classic.

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