Monday, September 02, 2013

The insane rantings of an Obama Cultist

Gene Zitver who has transformed the once great blog into Obama Cult Central.

Paraphrased from a comment. "It is all about hating Obama and whatever he proposes"

What part of corrupt unethical and incoherent do the Obama Cultists miss. Supposedly, big labor Zitver missed the Union dissent to Obamacare. Even labor Unions are dissenting and citing the effect of Obama care on the rise of part time employment. The Unions must now be considered part of the anti Obama conspiracy. Or is this another case of an Obama cultist abandoning every value to follow an increasingly bizarre cult.


Duckys here said...

What do you care about the Affordable Care Act?

You get a Cadillac government plan for filling out forms and listening to surf music while fast food workers who do something useful and bust their asses get virtually nothing.

beakerkin said...

Wrong Duncy

I wish I could listen to Surf Music and drink Diet Dew all day. Unfortunately, between mentoring new officers, dealing with cases frequently a decade or so old my time is valuable.

My plan is designated a Cadilac plan and I pay for it. I will be forced onto Obamacare at some point.

As for fast food workers. Pay is determined by skill and training.
As anyone can work at a fast food job their pay is low. Unlike you, I did that type of work to pay for my tuition.

I would bet that I perform more actual work then you do. Moreover,
my trainees do not shoot porn videos.

Also remind yourself genuine progressives seek my advice on legal matters and address me as Sir. Do porn producers seek your advice?