Saturday, September 14, 2013

Indict Lois Lerner

The evidence is abundantly clear Lois Lerner violated multiple laws and abused her authority. When one is employed by the Federal government there are clear sets of rules and responsibilities. Lois Lerner has violated these rules and flagrantly abused her power. She has already waived her protections under the Fifth Amendment. However, the records in her emails and statements are sufficient to form a prosecution.

Jail time should only be avoided if resigns immediately and fully co-operates will prosecutors.


Duckys here said...

Sorry Beak.
The only ones paying attention to this kind of manufactured nonsense are Mark Levin listeners.

Rabies radio doesn't have the juice it once did.

beakerkin said...

Unlike the Duck or the Savior, Levin
is an expert on Constitutional Law.

The crimes of Lerner are severe and should be punished. Abuse of authority is a very serious matter and the higher the position the longer the sentence. Let the next hack who violates a public trust remember Lois Lerner as she rots in
jail and loses her pension.

This type of behavior is Unamerican
and deserves a harsh jail term. Let
Lerner sit in jail with common criminals and learn to respect the laws she violated.

Rita said...

She would have fit in well with the Nazis.

beakerkin said...

Actually, this type of abuse of power was common in the early stages of Nazism or a better Communist.

The Tea Party drives Socialists like our friend Ducky and Gene Zitver of Harry's Place up a wall. This is the one mass gathering they can not co-opt or infiltrate.

I do give the Duck credit for not falling for the Cult of Obama BS.
There are those who literally see Obama as the Messiah or an American
version of Hugo Chavez. Gene Zitver
of Harry's Place fits that category.

One learns about themselves when they wield power. I wield it benignly and use the adverse side
almost entirely with deep regret
with the rare exception of sex crimes and major criminality.

Conversations between agencies are
governed by strict rules. If an Officer at ICE wants to talk directly to me this is okay because
we are all under the DHS umbrella.
However, we remind them that our agency has the upper hand. In the very serious cases we work together
but there are times we disagree with how the law should be applied.

If an agent of an officer outside
the DHS group contacts us there are
strict rules. If these rules are bent or broken it is almost always
by a dedicated officer trying to build a case against a jerk and within the scope of the job. Sometimes, I don't agree with these
disclosures. However, our legal department does thrash this out and
I am usually wrong, but I tend to error on the side of caution.

What Lerner did was so outside the rules it is a major breach of ethics. The conduct was strictly partisan and she abused her authority flagrantly to punish perceived political enemies. The communication with other agencies
was a major rule violation.

If I meet a friend from another agency we can talk about abstract issues but not individual
cases. Her agency has very little to do with mine and it is mostly talk about art and books.