Sunday, September 15, 2013

Marc Goldberg Loser

Those of us who live in the messes created by lefties like Goldberg have no patience for his whining and crying about his job. The economy stinks because lefties decided to push a health plan that is described by Democrats as a "train wreck".

Unlike the useless Goldberg, I put in a hard days work each and every day. The public deserves my best every day. The next person does not want excuses or lame philosophy, they want results. There are days, I can barely walk or allergies render it difficult to see, but I will be there. If I am alive and in any condition, I will be there to help out and do more than my share.

My door is open to younger officers, lawyers who want to discuss legal theories and the support staff. My mind is thinking of ways to make the job easier. We win or loose as a team, but I will try my best to meet our goals.

Compare this to a lefty whining about meetings and work.

Give me coworkers who are self motivated and grasp there is no excuse for giving less then your best in anything. I remind top management, I can teach technique and workflow, but without heart or passion it is pointless. In order to be good at anything one must have drive. Ultimately, talent without drive is doomed to failure.

Those of you I talk with off line know of my drive and the hardships I overcame. Without grit and determination I would not have overcome adversity.

Marc Goldberg has shown us why lefties are failures in life. They expect life to reward feeble efforts and sloth. Were he on my team at work, he would be reassigned. There is no room for slackers, whiners or whiners. We may not win every battle or meet every goal, but we try our best each and every day.


BB-Idaho said...

'Marc Goldberg has shown us why lefties are failures in life'..
I guess we can accept that as a
generalization, although being lib and retired from a successful career in the defense industry, I'd hate to be thought of as a failure!

Duckys here said...

Who the hell is Marc Goldberg?

beakerkin said...

Marc Goldberg is your typical lefty blogger who blogs at Harry's Place and the Times of Israel. Stupid, lazy and foul tempered are generous descriptions of that loser.


Liberals in your day were not treasonous or lazy. They understood the value of hard word. Aid was a chance to give a person a hand up to get back on their feet.

In the age of Obama sloth and entitlement mark the political left.They don't grasp hard work and want stuff paid for by someone else.

Duckys here said...

Dear Officer Beak,

Once again I must ask if you can assist me with a serious problem at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. This time I think I can get your attention.

The exhibits present a high volume of Muslim propaganda as usual.
One is a set of etchings that merge the creation myth of Genesis and the Qur'an. Shocking.
Another is an exhibit by Muslim female photographers that, despite its technical excellence, is also pure propaganda. We all know Muslim women would not know how to use a camera nor be given permission.

But the real danger was in a gallery containing a legitimate exhibit of Muslim calligraphy (some very fine kufic style).
A women was lecturing to a class of elementary students and asked them to name countries in the Middle East.
One named, Palestine and he was NOT corrected.

This demonstrates the serious terrorist training occurring under the guise of art instruction yet you continue to feign ignorance of the problem and deny assistance.

I hope that, together, we can stamp out this insidious activity.