Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bill Diblassio Communist Clown or general moron

There are those on the left who feign ignorance and pretend Communism is benign. We have a President with a Card Carrying Communist mentor who socialized with Communist terrorists. The media thinks this is quaint, but it is a moral and charioteer defect. Communists and Obama share a belief in the imperial state lording over the unwashed  masses. They also believe in amoral abuses of power to perpetuate their rule. The IRS scandals is indicative of this mindset.

For too long Democrats have been allowed to play a double game. Diblassio has been ranting about two NYC's right out of the Trotsky playbook. He aided and abetted the Sandanista government during the Cold War and has made multiple trips to Cuba.

There are those on the left who ponder how a social liberal ends up in the GOP. I might not agree with everything said by Mr. Beamish, but he is a patriot. Those who aided and abetted Communist regimes during the Cold War were pretty close to treason. I will not be a member of any political party that allows Pro Communist Circus Clown like DiBlassio in the party.

I want to point out the hypocrisy of the Duck. It is true that my friend David Yeagley has said many foul things about race over the years. I want to point out that my disagreements with him were quite open and based upon his failures to grasp that he fails to understand the core values of America and Christ are open to all who share those values. Yeagley, does not understand the true essence of the things he holds closest to his heart.

On the other hand we see Ducky who never fails to side with every enemy of the United States band racist and antisemitic obsessions. Lets see among the classics is Slappy for Clarence Thomas and Aunt Jemimah for Condi Rice. The Duck has an obsession with Jews and Israel that borders on pathological. Israel is a reliable ally. What do we get for the money sent to Egypt and Pakistan? What do Americans get for huge investments in NATO. The only time the Duck preaches fiscal conservatism is when aid to Israel or welfare for Hasidic Jews is discussed. In my case I am also a harsh critic of the latter, but from a different angle.

The candidacy of Global  Marxist Revolutionary Juvenile Delinquent is something the entire Nation should be embarrassed over. However, the media is more obsessed with Little Anthony Weiners stupid phone calls then the moral rot and pathologically warped values of a NYC Mayor who fancies himself a cross between
Robin Hood and Trotsky.


Duckys here said...

" ... but it is a moral and charioteer defect."
Who'd he pal around with, Ben Hur?

Duckys here said...

It is true that my friend David Yeagley has said many foul things about race over the years.

You back posting on Gay Eagle.

beakerkin said...

Interesting typo.

I am a man of law. If I displayed Lois Lerner tendencies shipping your kind to North Korea would be social justice