Sunday, September 15, 2013

Return of the Frummies

Once again the most annoying relatives on the planet return. They come too late to be useful and still have my car. Of course if the stupid wife would get a job they wouldn't need it. Of course this stupid wife milks the piety as part of a plan to avoid work. If she were not religious and on a cell phone all day and had no concept of time and was functionally useless she would be placed into vocational rehab. Of course when you are religious it is just not considered that you are a mental health defective.

In today's frum follies how not to put up a sukkah

How many frummies does it take to put up a sukkah
In this case four screwed it up and the job didnt get done

Arrive late without a plan
Take out obscure rule books that make the job impossible
We can;t put it in the traditional place because a tree has overgrown it
Okay simply place it somewhere else
No try to spend hundreds of dollars to cut back a tree
Wait we don't have that money because we are always broke
Give us the money to cut a tree ...
Go to house of worship
Ruin football night
Make no decision
Leave the f$^%^ tree alone and get out of my wallet
Stay too late to go home

Continue Annoying non religious relatives.
Original plan send idiot kid to Yeshiva a week ago
New plan delay this and send him after next holiday
Anyone care to bet these idiots never get it done.

Of course these imbeciles turn the A/C to 73 and leave the doors wide open in the 60's
They have no regard for money as they rack up large energy bills stupidly
The hand held phone was in the freezer
Why this idiot needs the house phone and is on her phone all day is unknown

I swear once my parents are gone I am converting
Will you go to the family functions?
No I hate this deranged and idiotic lifestyle
If this relative were Gay instead of religious I would be happier
Gay people do not create this amount of havoc or annoyance
Nor are they as socially inept and clueless as frummies
Even having jailbird relatives is better then this
I envy Vito across the street because his brother is in jail and not here
His kids may be criminal, but at least they are not lazy
It takes hard work to steal cars and post bail
It takes no effort to read irrelevant religious text and be on the dole

I am tired of these jerks


Duckys here said...

You gave them the car keys? Why?

beakerkin said...

I don't use my car much and if it gets them away from me it is the best
use of my car.

I am not buying another one as they will do this again.

Always On Watch said...

The hand held phone was in the freezer

What the hell?

Early-onset Alzheimer's.