Sunday, September 08, 2013

Yet Another 9-11

Long term readers of this blog know I had a front row seat on 9-11. On this day years ago lunatic followers of Islam attacked my city. This does not mean that I blame all Muslims. I do not blame patriotic Muslims like Stephen Schwartz or the man at the next desk. That being said there can be no tolerance of those who advocate violence for a warped vision of Eden.

There are those on the left incoherently blaming Bush and the Joooos er Zionists for this attack. Bush had been in office for months. The truth was the first people to exploit 9-11 were Communists who stabbed America in the back right after the attack. While the smell of burning evil clung to the ground Communists held a Nuremburg style antisemitic hate rally. They blamed the Jooos for this attack and started the conspiracy movement and asked "WHY DO THEY HATE US?".

When you see a Truther, you are seeing a mentally defective traitor? Of course the vast majority of them are Marxists. They are subhuman pariahs and  it took the amateur in DC to appoint one of these freaks into the cabinet. Of course lefties want to rail against Glenn Beck for pointing out the truther past of Van Jones.

Now we have come full circle and the empty shirt wants to drag us into pointless military action to save his bloated ego. Do you see the airheaded Hollywood lefties? Of course not, because the Savior is a fellow lefty
and no matter how corrupt and stupid he gets a hall pass.

If you see a truther ask them how long have they been mentally disturbed? We are only asking questions about the state of your mental health, low IQ and tendencies towards treason? Remember to laugh at them and pile on the ridicule.


Always On Watch said...

9/11 is now designated as National Service Day -- or some such. Pfffft.

Duckys here said...

I do not blame patriotic Muslims like Stephen Schwartz or the man at the next desk.

Yet you feign ignorance that your good friend Pam Geller is a bigot.

beakerkin said...

Pam Geller can respond for herself.
I find it odd that a Communist such as yourself would point fingers at Geller, Yeagley or whomever. Guilt by association is not somewhere you want to go.

She has her views and she has her biases. When you come to her site you know what to expect. She is far more honest then the folks at Harrys Place with the Obama cult garbage.

Much of the critique of Geller from those at lesser blogs is jealousy.
Outside of their own homes who ever heard of 3/4 of these no talent hacks. She rode her blog to fame and was very kind to all she met including myself. I don't agree with her 100%. Then again I don't agree with the last American Patriot Mr. Beamish 100% and he is
a legend.

Always On Watch said...

I presented this year's 9/11 lesson. I told just a little bit of your story.

Stay safe, my dear friend.

LanceThruster said...

9/11 is the litmus test.

So many of the things that reverberate to today are based on the unwillingness to demand full, open and transparent investigations of the attack, the crime scene forensics, and the apparent response failures. Anyone not in lockstep with the coming “payback” was a traitor, and anyone questioning the official narrative was a nutter. That the people so readily dismissing the skeptics, did not heed to call themselves to demand what the commission itself determined; that a proper investigation was needed to uncover the truth.

Remember, the alternate explanation to deride conspiracy, was the supposedly comforting notion that incompetence, an unrelated type of criminality (the destruction of evidence), the desire to cover your butt, and a string of bad luck and/or remarkable coincidence, explained the seeming contradictions and that the right enemy had been targeted anyway, so no time to navel gaze as we needed to get our bloodbath up and running.

My recollection is somewhat shorter as to what I saw and what we lost. I live in So Cal and commute to downtown LA, and have for over 20+ years. For *exactly* a day and a half (the same amount of time the air stays smog free after a good rain), the normally selfish and inattentive motorists drove in manner virtually unseen before or since. Over that two day period, they actually showed noticeable consideration and no longer drove oblivious to those around them, not caring who they cut off or didn’t let in or honked at for going too slow, or not getting out of the way fast enough…they treated the other drivers as fellow Americans that were also possibly traumatized or numb and that the default position might be that they would appreciate a random act of kindness from a stranger who might just cut another person a break for no other reason than they thought the anonymous person could use one.

And then, as if it never happened in the first place, it was over. That was how long it took to revert back to type, and embrace dysfunction as normalcy.

And that’s how we got to where we are today.

There are some things in life that we can’t turn back the clock on, but tragically that is true even on those things we could turn back the clock on. We’re just not that smart or that caring, and I don’t think it’s overly pessimistic to say that we never will be.

beakerkin said...

Criticism of the policy does not make
one a traitor. Idiotic conspiracy theories blaming anyone other then Al Queda does make a person a mental health defective.

As for being a traitor, making common cause with communists and anarchists is sufficient.