Sunday, September 08, 2013

The deceptive Obamunist Cabal at Harry's Place

Gene Zitver is a world class hypocrite and fraud. Harry's Place plays a deceptive game with protests. When OWS was spreading anti Jewish hate and was linked to terrorism Gene remained silent. Many of us pointed to the abundance of Communists and Anarchists and the pervasive criminality of OWS. Gene yawned and said the vast majority of these people mean well so it shouldn't detract from the message. Now that this bunch has turned on Obama and is protesting this hare brained Obama ego trip he calls them Communist Assad supporters. Did Gene forget that Obama was endorsed by the Communist Party and had a Communist mentor.

Gene complains that there is a group of Obama haters who just want to sabotage everything he does. Funny, but the rest of the world has figured out Obama is inept, incompetent and corrupt. Leading from behind works when you have no credibility. However, Obama can't lead and all of his policies are disasters. The only thing saving him from impeachment is Biden is dumber and less competent.

Harry's Place plays guilt bu association when expedient. Gene wrote smear after smear about Americans legally protesting the Obama economic carnage. Of course the presence of a single person who might say something silly only is an issue when they disagree with Obama. Harry's Place ran countless smear jobs about the Tea Party and not one single sentence about multiple instances of Jew hatred from the left in Universities and OWS.

It is safe to assume that I have no sympathy for Assad or Communists. I do not favor any policies enacted by Obama the self absorbed incompetent. His lame duck status starts now and the scandals are rising to impeachable levels. No war for bloated egos and defunding Obamacare is next.  

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