Thursday, September 26, 2013

And the beat goes on

The media continues to spin the economic doom and chaos of the Obama policies. The media has stabbed the little man in the back while feigning that things are peachy. The way to grow the economy is quite obvious repeal Obama care now.

The union leadership who sold out their members should be held accountable, The union members were sold out for a few coins for the great leader.

This administration has done more to ruin the lives of Americans then any foe in history. You can't find a full time job because of Obama care. College and medical costs are through the roof. Crime is up and Obama stands on dead children at every massacre to politicize the dead. He spends a few seconds talking about mental health care which is at the heart of the issue.

It is a matter of time until we get a Nairobi style attack at a mall in the USA. Obama feigns ignorance about so called Americans receiving terrorist training and fighting in foreign wars. Expect long empty jargon about
true Islam. Other then Stephen Schwartz and the CIP you don't hear much plain talk from Muslims about rejecting pointless violence. What did the mall attacker achieve other then make Muslims look like criminals.

It is time to unveil a law dedicated to Lori Berenson. US citizens including those born here forfeit their right to citizenship when they join a terrorist group. Violators of the law should be given a choice denaturalization and deportation or twenty years with no parole or pardon in a federal penitentiary among hardened criminals.
They are also denied contact with anyone other then immediate family and three letters a month. Those that accept denaturalization are banished for life and subject to the death penalty if found in the USA.

The law is very simple. You involve yourself with terrorist groups in any way you lose citizenship or head to the slammer.

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Always On Watch said...

Are we living in the time of insanity and the careening of the clown car (our leaders), or what?