Monday, September 09, 2013

The Obama Haters

There is a cabal of Obamunists who feel the need to betray all principles to defend the savior, They pawn off all criticism of the savior to angry racists upset that a Black man is in charge.

 Obama has no respect for privacy laws, ethics and is the ultimate product of nepotism. What is the delay with seeing the President's transcripts. How does a student do poorly at one University and transfer to an Ivy. It appears that both affirmative action and nepotism are part of the Obama tale. Meanwhile the NSA snoops into all of your emails and federal employees have invasive security checks and frequent polygraph tests.

Actually Obama has had unprecedented privacy that is not awarded to any Federal Employee. Investigators
looked at my transcript spoke to every employer, neighbor, relative in my case. If an ordinary government employee is subject to so much scrutiny, then the President should be an open book. Obama would not pass an ordinary security clearance. Lets see heavy drug use, hangs out with terrorists, hangs out with assorted Marxists, has foreign relatives that warrant additional scrutiny. Who knows how Obama would do on the basic polygraph many Federal Employees are subjected to.

We still do not have the full story of how Obama was hired as a visiting lecturer at a law school. Contrary to fawning news media accounts Obama was never a law professor or an adjunct. He published zero peer reviewed articles and appeared relegated to political courses such as law and race. It appears once again he is the beneficiary of nepotism.

Obama's lengthy history of drug abuse was never discussed in the campaign. A lengthy history of drug abuse lasting years is far more important then contrived stories about a classmate Romney might have bullied because he was gay that turned out to be false.

The media also plays fast with the facts of Obama and the law review. The law review Presidency was a political position that entailed zero work. It was not the case of students recognizing an outstanding scholar,
were that true Obama would show you the grades.

At the time Obama was in school there were numerous studies indicating that professors would give Black Students higher grades for identical work. In this light the missing grades should tell you we are likely dealing
with the Count of Gentleman C and a first class fraud.

The policies that Obama benefited from were used in a cartoon manner. They were intended to help people who experienced actual discrimination and were the descendants of slaves. Instead the Old Bolsheviks club
picked a ringer who never lived in a Black area, was not raised in a Black family, attended more prep schools then Al Gore and experienced zero discrimination in Hawaii except by those who had issues with stoners. This fake applicant had a card carrying Communist mentor and family members who were bug eyed Marxist morons. Despite some fantasies of media apologists Obama's relationship to slavery in America was
his mothers family owned them. The recent bunk claiming Obama is distantly connected to the first slave is
not credible.  Thomas Sowell stated he doesn't need a lecture on how to be Black from a half white woman from Martha's vineyard. The rest of us including you Obamunists need to grasp Obama is a media and University cartoon that has nothing to do with the historic Black Experience in the USA. He was not raised in a Black family, he never lived in a historically Black area. He has benefited disproportionately from his race and family connections.

Obama promised to be a post racial President. He needlessly involved himself in the Trayvon Martin case.
Obama claimed if he had a son it could look like Trayvon or he could have been Trayvon. The only think Obama and Trayvon Martin had in common was drug abuse. Obama's white grandparents who he trashes made sure the ungrateful spoiled brat attended elite schools and he never wanted for anything other then the latest issue of High Times and the next dime bag. Trayvon is a more traditional story of a child of modest means with serious family issues and untreated mental health issues. Obama previously made a federal case about a minor tiff between a cop and a law professor. In essence he has at times functioned like Diet Jessie Jackson instead of uniting us we are more divided then ever.

When something goes wrong Obama is King of the excuses. Sorry, but the line phony scandals is moronic and many of these offenses are more serious than Watergate. Blaming Bush and feigning all these scandals are underlings gets old real fast.

The Obama policies are boneheaded and you see terms like muddled, incoherent and amateur to describe
various policies. However, the greatest disaster is Obama care. This policy has ruined the employment outlook and has hurt the average American. The Health savings and keeping your Old Plan seem to be the product of a Choom Gang flashback.

Now we have President Obama trying to start a pointless war to save his own ego. Sorry, but it is lame luck season and this policy is DOA.

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Always On Watch said...

Actually Obama has had unprecedented privacy that is not awarded to any Federal Employee.

No kidding!

I've had to produce transcripts for more than one employer in the private sector, too.