Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gay Straight Black White and everything in between

In an earlier era we could remember when women were elegant and refined.  Unfortunately, in the new era they can be as coarse and angry as the rest of us. Nobody, loves to be dumped and yes it sucks but at least there was a time where at least women moved ahead.

Previously, I spoke of the very cruel notes to law enforcement about former lovers. You never see the numbers or really nasty stuff in the snitch letter sent by men. The other day I had to sit in and listen to yet another story of a former girlfriend attacking the current wife of a man. You seldom if ever see these stories in the paper.

If you are wronged show difficulty move ahead and never look back. Don't return the calls of the person and move ahead. They will probably call you sooner then you think and a polite hangup feels good. Sorry, just not interested you were unreliable and just quite as good as you think. This sounds funny but when you fight
and play the game you give them the attention that feeds the ego. Be firm and just state they were a bore. There really is no comeback from that.


Duckys here said...

In an earlier era we could remember when women were elegant and refined. Unfortunately, in the new era they can be as coarse and angry as the rest of us.

But coarse women never existed in previous eras, right Beak.

You make my head hurt.

beakerkin said...

Women from an earlier era were elegant and refined. They exuded class and dignity as the center of the home.

There wasn't this free floating anger that the ignoraqnti call strength. They understood that one gets further being positive then abusing everyone else in their lives. Earlier women were the foundation of the home and community.

Don't recall anyone of my grandmothers generation trashing their husband even when deserved but their marriages and families survived. It was rare in my mothers

I can't go two minutes without a coworker talking crap about her husband, boyfriend or something else. My response is what have you done to build the reality you want.
You can whine or work together and build.

C_Oliver said...

"The peril of being a moderate is that at times you get hit from both sides."

I myself say if Commies, Fundies and Teabaggers condemn you, you might well be doing a good thing.

"Women from an earlier era were elegant and refined..."

Awww, bless! Never should've given 'em the vote, eh Beaky?

Thanks for putting such reactionary naivete upfront so I don't have to wade through all the Obama-hatebonery in the rest of your blog.

beakerkin said...

So nice to be sanctimonious while stating gay slurs. Obviously, your are the product of special ed.

As for the savior put down High Times
and see the drops in the polls Comwad.

Always On Watch said...

A lot of women are so catty that I can't stand them! Hence, I have mostly male friends.

beakerkin said...

Actually the folks at work were joking about snitch letters. I don't
recall a single letter from a male trying to damage an ex. Even officers who deal with his regularly state almost all of the snitch letters come from women.

Men are taught walk away. This is why when it is over I never talk or communicate. I had a few old girlfriends call and my response is
I don't have time to talk please don't call. If it is very old I pretend to have forgotten entirely.
Forgetting someone in a woman's world is worse then arguing.

I was reading the domestic violence
complaints. Sometimes women can really do some strange things that
make you wonder. When I was trained
in the subject of domestic violence
at the University it was sheer male

I remember a guest lecturer standing in front of the class stating every male is a potential
rapist. My response was potential
means nothing unless it is achieved.

However, in the psychology classes
of 20 years ago the notion was that
in any abuse situation the male was always at fault. Having dealt with live cases women can do some incredibly stupid things and actually be guilty of anything a man can. Don't expect the field to be more balanced.

C_Oliver said...

"Obviously, your are the product of special ed..."

Illiterate wingnuts and their hateboners, LOL.