Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lost Generation

The Obama years represent the end of the American dream. The media in its efforts to anoint a progressive failed to do basic scrutiny and elected an incompetent, People in their 50's were cast aside in the economic mayhem. While America screamed "JOBS" Obama responded with a job killing health care bill and attempts to do ill timed immigration reform.

The unions backed this health disaster known as Obama care only to have their own policies torched  by Obama. Now some of the unions are having second thoughts about Obama care. Obama talks about education but lazy political cronies have pushed the cost of a degree out of the range of affordability. Salaries at higher ed never get a fraction of the scrutiny that your average CEO gets. Funny the business people I know do not get sabaticals and work  15 hours for 3/4 of the year. Lets also be brutally honest about 90%
of the scholarship outside of the hard sciences is worthless and should not be subsidized by the tax payer.

The abuses of power exceed anything dreamed up by Nixon. The IRS scandal was directed by the White House and the Soros front groups are rationalizing the violation of ethics by a handful of cases where a left wing group were similarly mistreated. We have dead in Benghazi while Obama feigns ignorance that rationalizations about obscure films was the cause of a terrorist attack.

Obama now feigns he is an expert in Constitutional law. Actually, he was a political patronage hire at a local University who never published anything. He was never on the tenure track like every other bit of Obamas life is a mix of incompetence, stupidity and nepotism.

Lets compare Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain to Obama. Neither one attended Prep schools and both lived in Black neighborhoods and worked real jobs. Obama never worked a real job or published anything of note. His self serving bios are not accomplishments and are on a par with a D script in Hollywood. If he were Sigmund Johansen you would never hear of him. He would likely be marketing mediocre products. Obama's rise to fame was all nepotism and elite leftist paranoia about race.

The greatest scandal is the inability of the media outside FOX to hold Obama accountable for his failure to lead and ethical lapses.


Always On Watch said...

This year, the VFW essay prompt for the high school essay contest Voice of Democracy is "Why I'm Optimistic about the Future of America." My students are struggling with this topc! Well, except for one student -- he's transferring in from the public schools system.

Always On Watch said...

And....Can't you feel the terrible level of discouragement all throughout the blogosphere since Obama's re-election?

Ramon said...

This is fantastic!