Sunday, August 11, 2013

Volunteered to go to Iraq

Rather then deal with the frummies intrusions and disgraceful lifestyle I have volunteered to go to Iraq. I am sick and tired of all these visits and forcing their disgusting lifestyle on me,

If these relatives are broke it is because they accepted a lazy wife feigning piety when she should have found work 20 years ago. I am sick of this couch potato piety on my dime. Hey asswhipe tell your lazy useless wife to fucking get a job. Buy your own car and its not your business if I barely use my car. I am not buying another so these circus clowns can repeat this.

If my parents were not still alive I would convert to Hinduism for spite. I am tired of these visits and I told these relatives I will not attend any more functions with them.

Sorry, but this frumkite is all a scam to get out of working. If the Yeshiva bills are so high who the hell told you to send your idiot kid to study religious texts for two years,

Now my car is a casualty of this religious bull shit.

I would sooner risk death overseas then spend anymore time with these idiots.

Frummies are self centered lazy and obnoxious. Don't cry to me about money when your wife hasn't worked in two decades. Send the stupid slob to work in Walmart or any menial job. Don't tell me she is above such shit when I kill myself at work and you swipe my car and inflict these nonstop visits,

They promised me it would stop last summer. They lied and I can't take it anymore. At least jihadis are not lazy. Let me work abroad give me a sidearm and I'll take my chances with Al Quaeda. This laziness and obnoxious sense of self centered entitlement is enough.

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Always On Watch said...

First, my apologies for not visiting here with regularity lately.

I don't know how you can tolerate this situation, Beak. I guess consideration for your parents has been the deciding factor.