Saturday, August 24, 2013


I am sometimes floored by the way rules seem to exist only for those of rank and file. Management holds workers to impossible often arbitrary standards and holds itself to none.

The federal government badly needs anti nepotism laws to be enacted and enforced. There is no need to have immediate relatives in the same agency. There are plenty of other federal agencies to work at. The same manager who was promoted swiftly through the ranks will lecture you about imagined appearances of impropriety just happens to have a relative high up the chain in management.

Under the Obama administration EEO actions and ethical practices seem to be out of control. There are tight rules and regulations that govern what officials can say to each other. For example if another agency wants a record there are lengthy sets of rules governing this. It appears the folks at the IRS violated this rule multiple times. Had this been a low level employee this would have been serious consequences.

I was discussing locker room culture with a female coworker. There have been a series of crazy personnel moves that appear odd. A couple of old Jurassic types have used their power to get into close proximity to attractive females. The actual performance of these females has ranged from good to abysmal. Yet the young attractive females never seem to be held accountable for even the most profound errors. Older workers are held to impossible standards of quality and performance.

I have been mentoring many new officers. The amount of time I spend varies, but one complained that I don't
make myself as available to female trainees. I tend to spend more time with an officer switching sections then a new hire. The new hires have recent training. I have never turned anyone away who asked for help. I did make more time available for those who asked.

I tend to be very tough on the Jurassic managers. Both had infractions that were swept under the rug. Yet they were crazy disciplinarians on often trivial matters. Take off your tie on a hot day in your office and you could be suspended but sexual harassment didn't exist.

My wiser female coworker pointed out that some of the targets took advantage of the situation and were semi willing. I am just amazed that even after repeated incidents these dinosaurs just never learn their lesson.
I remember when I got a stern lecture after allegedly offending a female coworker with the statement "I find womens sports boring". I don't watch the WNBA along with all types of sports of any gender. I avoided this person and was careful not to speak in her presence. I then got an even more pointed lecture about shunning
this person. I stopped talking to anyone and it was a female friend who told me to stop being absurd. The 
charges were absurd and that anyone who knows me grasps I am more preoccupied with the next meal or getting a cold Diet Dew then anything else. 

Some of the younger female workers were perplexed by the complaints. Guys were told to stop talking about car parts and lawn care because it made a certain female uncomfortable. Would I really care if a group of females discussed shows they watched.

It comes as little surprise that a worker with some toxic views is employed by the government. Now some of those people wanting to fire this employee should be careful. Did these objectionable views impact their performance? No doubt these views are vulgar and toxic, but do we want Obamanuts looking under every
rock for someone who might have been a Tea Party rally or listened to Rush Limbaugh. I remember being taunted if I don't vote for Obama I must be a racist. The notion that I could disagree with his policies or just did not want to vote for either candidate just sailed over this employees head. All kidding aside these views are beyond foul or even poultry.  


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