Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to the Obama Peoples Temple Now serving Obamaide

We wish to open the Obama's People's Temple of Stupidity. The temple is open to all of you believers of the sainted mendicant of high incompetence. Kindly place your bong down quit reading the Obama People's Temple press arm aka Huffington and gather for Obamaide.

Lets celebrate and pass out the Obamaide.

1) Lets talk about phony scandals that involve actual dead people and abuses at the IRS that are Nixonian cubed. Who needs Hugo when the IRS can bring the spirit of Chevezmo here and abuse all opponents of the Obama People's Temple.
2) Lets talk about health care savings under Obamacare. Take a double hit of Obamaide and ignore your eyes and swear your premiums are staying the same.
3) Lets look for the Yeti, Bigfoot and full time jobs. The reality is all of us are more likely to date Lindsay Lohan even if you were not inclined then to find a full time job under Obama.

Full time jobs under the Obama administration is an urban myth like glow in the dark Mountain Dew.

Even the followers of Jim Jones were more reality based then the Obamunists.


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