Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Media is at it again

The scene is familiar regrettably police shoot a 14 year old. The media shows pictures that make the child in question look angelic. However, the child in question had a rap sheet and just fired a gun. Are the critics of NYPD going to feign ignorance that stop and frisk does not prevent tragedies like this. Where are the media reports of the rap sheet and gang ties of the deceased.

It is regrettable anytime a police officer has to use deadly force. We should always give police officers the benefit of the doubt unless overwhelming evidence dictates otherwise.


Duckys here said...

Feign ignorance about the effectiveness of stop and frisk?

Hardly, officer.

Stop and frisk started in 2002 and there has been a decline in homicides.The decline has been experienced at a similar level in other large cities.

In the 1990's the fall in the homicide rate was 75%, far higher than the decline since stop and frisk but officers feign ignorance of these facts.

In fact officers have problems with statistical analysis and should stick to filling out the forms.

Stop being silly, Beak. And stop supporting disgusting profiling policies. This is America not Israel.

beakerkin said...

In an age of limited resources tax dollars must be spent wisely. Stop and Frisk is an effective tool and using this tactic where crime exists makes sense.