Friday, September 06, 2013

No war for stupidity

There are those that claim all of the opposition to Obama's policies are personal. It is because of the deranged cult of personality that views Obama as the Savior. In essence he was given a hall pass by the MSM because of his race. The election of Obama, nor any other official, could redeem America from its racist past. The real tragedy is the two groups that voted in large  numbers for Obama were screwed over the most by his idiotic policies. Full time jobs are not available  because Obama pushed a stupid health care program without a single Republican vote. He keeps pushing back the implementation so that Democrats don't get crushed for his folly.

There is no vital US interest in Syria. The Obama administration has zero credibility due to its mounting lies on Obama care and feigning ignorance on a series of genuine scandals that make Watergate look trivial. We are supposed to believe that Obama has a plan to get Assad out of Syria, but he can't get Lois Lerner off the payroll or Charlie Rangel out of DC.

Obama embraced every far left criticism of GW Bush. However, GW Bush went to the UN had a broad coalition and congressional support. Thus far we might have some limited support from France. The claims that Israel supports this are entirely contrived by the Obamunists. Allegedly, Obama's best buddy, the Jew hating tyrant in Turkey supports this idiotic action. However, I don't see any troops or planes from Turkey in support of this. This action might even cause a coup in Turkey.

This is a stupid policy and the House should deliver a spanking. Obama is not shrewd enough to do some horse trading to get the votes needed in the House. Short of making huge changes in Obamacare and dropping immigration reform he has nothing to offer Republicans for his folly.


Always On Watch said...

If I hear one more time that opposing Obama's proposed war on Syria is racist, I'm going to have a meltdown in the manner of scorched earth!

beakerkin said...

This is the problem with Obamunists.Every President has faced criticism of their policies, it goes with the job.

Barak Obama was not raised in a Black family. He has never lived in a Black area.

If the media can invent the term White Hispanic for Zimmerman to portray the Obama racial angle then
Obama is a White Black man.

Always On Watch said...

If the media can invent the term White Hispanic for Zimmerman to portray the Obama racial angle then
Obama is a White Black man.

No doubt!

Obama does not have the American-black experience. It is no wonder that he's determined to right the wrongs of colonialism.