Monday, September 30, 2013

Blame Pam Geller for the Nairobi Mall Massacre

Lefties like to blame convenient targets to literally stand on top of the dead  to score political points. A mass shooting by a disturbed nut always produces an Obama effort to swipe guns from legitimate owners. Any discussion about failures of our mental health community, the impact of super violent first person shooter games and sometimes religious and political motivations gets condemned as racist.

When two Muslims hacked a soldier to death in public they were not quoting Pam Geller. When Muslims receiving welfare blew up the Boston Marathon they were not quoting Pam Geller. When Muslims slaughtered masses in Nairobi they did not quote Pam Geller.

We will likely find out that Americans were among the terrorists in Kenya. We are likely to find that Americans have engaged in war crimes in Syria.

I spoke to a coworker who is outraged about the Pam Gellers and Michelle Malkins calling Muslims accountable for their actions. The Geller ads were a response to the CAIR ads. Anyone in a major city has seen the stupid ads My jihad means whatever CAIR wants it to say.

While, I do not support blaming all Muslims, this cult of victimhood is a bit much. Claiming Arabs as victims of colonialism is as absurd as claiming Black Slaves oppressed White slave owners. Arabs already posses  22 ethnically cleansed Judenfrei states. Moreover, the actual number of Jews forced out by Arabs exceeds the number of Arab refugees. The Arab refugees do not have any claim to nation status. Newt Gingrich was 100% correct and lefties elitists had fits. They described Newt's terms as hateful and stupid, but did not come close to refuting it.

It is time to stop ranting about Geller and Spencer who may indeed at times be over the top. There is a decided difference between strident objections to political rhetoric and butchering civilians based on religious
goonery. All political speech of any type is prone to excess. Yet once the speech has turned to exhortation now we move to criminality.

You can and do see Muslims who care about America. These are not the lunatics in Washington chanting we are all Hamas. Unfortunately, other then the Center of Islamic Pluralism and a few others you do not hear
Muslims objecting to political violence.

Maybe George Soros can set up a fake foundation call M Street. He can find a whole group of anarchists and communists who are Muslims....wait those Muslims are just as violent as the religious types at times.
Soros does not spend a nickel on Americans who love their country and respect Constitution.

I understand and appreciate those Muslim coworkers who serve in various agencies. While I understand you are upset about the rhetoric of Geller, understand our frustrations with your community. Geller has never advocated violence. She does report what we see. It is time for the religion of Peace bs to stop and for the community to reject violence and work with law enforcement.

In time we will have our own Mall massacres similar to Nairobi. It is time for communities to identify who has trained overseas with terrorists and who is recruiting these criminals. If Muslims are stigmatized 9-11, Beslan
and Nairobi are the culprits not Geller.

New saying WWMBD. What would Mr, Beamish do

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Duckys here said...

Arabs already posses 22 ethnically cleansed Judenfrei states.

I assume you're not counting Palestine.

beakerkin said...

No such animal as Palestine. This was the name that Romans gave to Judea after a revolt. They called the savior the King of the Jews not Palestinians.

Your savior is Karl Marx.