Friday, May 02, 2014

The Paradox of Bigotry

The Donald Sterling mess has caused me to rethink bigotry. It is rare we see a Nazi or KKK type clod. Much more numerous are Jew obsessed Communists who think their bigotry is enlightened.

The paradox of Guyana shows how bigotry works for 90% of us. In the local community Guyanese have close relationships with all types of people. They live more intertwined lives then Americans and are closer than American neighbors. However, out of the community the bigotry seethes and sometimes is raw.

It would be a simple matter to look at these moments and say your family members are bigots. Actually, the whole story is more complex. On the local level lives are so intertwined that people are viewed as family. Usually, this type of bigot merely lacks the ability to break the mental chains of bigotry by seeing the paradox
with the close relationships in their daily lives. I don't think of you as whatever. This type of comment is rather typical of 90% of bigotry.

Ingrained bigotry like that of Communists is hard wired. The pseudo religious faith requires obsessing over Jews who are not part of the Death Cult. This is why it is okay for deranged lefties to target Jews with fliers
in Universities in their dorm.


Duckys here said...


I expected you would be the first place I read of Sterling's religion in relation to his recent piece of stupidity.

Yet you feign that you are not the one obsessed with Judaism.

beakerkin said...

Funny never mentioned Sterling was Jewish. It is typical communist mania in full display.