Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leftist obsessions

The truth is that radical leftists are the most bigoted people on the planet. In one case a lefty was shocked when his anti semitic screeds were featured on Stormfront. This drew no critical comment from 90% of his communist comrades. Especially silent was one Renegade Eye, who went into silence. I contrast this with his
vocal claims that he is a Jew. A hysterical classic was when the Kapo hailed the political views of porn star Nina Hartley as a Jew, but not a Zionist.

We frequently hear commies use code words for Joos like Neocon, Zionist and Israel firster.  The last one is amusing because communists themselves are synonymous with treason in the USA. Also a person with an attachment to a failed idea that seeks the overthrow of the US government should not question the loyalty of those who support an ally. The only other group treated to this obsession is Cuban Americans.

Familiar Communist rants

1) Zionist media cabals
2) Neocon cabals in government
3) Israel had advance warning on 9-11.  Obviously, they forgot to tell me. I could have gotten hurt.
4) Jewish control of Universities. How does the planets most strident Anti Semite get hired at over four Universities with no scholarship? Did we mention he was a Maoist, but does the I am an ordinary Jew outraged by ......
5) Obsessive searching for who is a Joo bit. Rupert Murdoch, Capriles and others who oppose the far left get the label tossed on like an epithet.

Communists have a scathing hypocritical blind spot with Muslims. Western colonialism is evil, but Islamic varieties are peachy. Jim Crow laws are evil, but Islamic versions are peachy. Pat Robertson is torched for stupid comments about gays, but Muslims who preach killing gays are fine. Actual people who advocate imposing religious law are ignored, but the Born again crew are evil.

Communists also have lethal obsessions with farmers, land lords and small businessmen. The wealthy ones like Soros can merely buy fealty with donations. Communists have seized farms and businesses and shortages occur predictably.

Communists are obsessed with indigenous people only when they are expedient. They will obsess about 
contrived ethnicities like Pseudostinians while ignoring actual ones like Kurds, Berbersand all types of tribal 
groups.  Commies feign some sort of mythical connection to Native Americans steal their history and herd them onto collective farms. Commies even herd disruptive ethnic groups off their indigenous lands and resettle them. Commies also have placed numerous Chinese and Russian settlers onto lands of other indigenous people while railing about the West Bank. Did we mention that Jews are the indigenous people there? 

Commies play fast with the New Testament. The familiar Jesus was a Palestinian is a classic bit that should get howls of laughter. Jesus wasn't called the King of the Palstinians. There was no mention of that term in the works of Josephus. Palestinians lived by the Gaza strip and are believed to come from Crete. They have zero connection to Palestinians. The claim that they are Canaanites is the latest fad. Canaanites are more likely related to Jews than Arabs. For a genuine look at the Judaic roots of Jesus look no further than Zola Leavitt. Commies frequently rant about Zola being a Jew. The late Zola Leavitt would point out that Jesus and his entire teachings are Jewish in substance and form.

The USA is the subject of several mindless rants. The familiar rants about passports, not knowing a second language will be examined here.

Americans don't travel abroad. Yes because we work much harder than lazy Euros with large socialist entitlements and high unemployment. Also the distances between borders are vast. Travel between NY and CA would span several countries in Europe. Moreover until recently one did not need a passport to travel to Canada or certain Islands in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, illegal aliens have made this a thing of the past.

Our history is not the same as Europe. In  my grandparents region people were multi lingual  by history.
Jews spoke Yiddish, Polish, Russian and German  in her area. As the borders are closer and invasions are fairly frequent this is a practical matter. Similarly people in Northern Vermont are bilingual in French due to a nearby border. This is why I also have some limited grasp of French. Had I stayed a decade, I might be bilingual. Plenty of New Yorkers are bilingual in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian in the course of doing business.

Actual religious, ethnic and sexual minorities emigrate to this country from Europe every day. An Indian in media stated "I can live in the UK or France for decades and be viewed as foreign. In the USA I am just another American". Despite the shrill rhetoric about gays and the USA they frequently do migrate here to big cities from the EU and every spot on the planet.

Gun culture. A gun is a tool and in many cases hunting and fishing are part of the local customs. Poor people do hunt to supplement their diets. Gun deaths have more to do with mental illness and cultural acceptance of violence. As European crime rates continue to rise this is no longer American.   


Duckys here said...

Are they any closer to firing you or are they just continuing to make your life miserable?

Any news on moving to Vermont and leaving your fake family?

Duckys here said...

... and why do you know so much about porn stars?

beakerkin said...

Porn is part of the popular culture.
Many of the names from the 80's are familiar to your 40 something. If you lived in the time period and were an adult you have no doubt seen a few films. The woman in question is quite famous. Only a Communist quotes a porn star as your typical Jew.

I have been moved to the citizenship unit. I will not have to perform the odious interview type. For now I will stay put.

Your comments about my family add
nothing. Glad to know you think they are fake. If we take a tally of things you have been proven wrong about.

1) Inbred Lubavitch. Secular types
don't tend to follow that movement. I have been quite clear my family is Modern Orthodox.
2) Kahanists- Secular types tend not to be fond of creating Torah states. Actual Kahanists are open about their beliefs.
3) Self hating Jew. You have me confused with Kapo Ren.

Duckys here said...

Beak, we've heard so much about how you transformed the accuracy and efficiency of the interview process that I'm surprised they would transfer you.

Duckys here said...

"Our history is not the same as Europe."

Are you sure?

beakerkin said...


There is little in that interview
process I can do to make it more humane. Attorneys who have seen my variation of this theme are fans of my changes. However, as this is an odious format there is but so much I can do.

I understood the format is problematic and took steps to keep the numbers low. In this case I am literally shoveling shit. I have been cleaning up the mess of other
officers for years. However, my blood boils at some of my peers.

I insist upon an interpreter at all times for my own edification.
Some of the people are there because of communication errors.
This is something I avoid as I understand how stressful this format is on the officer.

The format was set up by a lawsuit
because officers abused the rights
of the public long ago.

I will say that what almost caused a brawl in the office would surprise you. However, I will just
say that I work with facts, logic and law. In this case it got ugly,
the process is rife with biases.

You know little about the person. I am hailed by the legal community
for fairness. I am an officer not a ditch digger.

Europe is not Eden. It has its own
history and errors like Nazism, Communism and its own colonial past. As it assimilates immigrants
it is getting familiar problems.
The Jew who was slaughtered and harassed pretty much wanted to live in peace. This new batch is violent and prone to rioting. When
Blacks rioted in the USA they were
tired of a specific injustice and wanted a larger share of the pie.
The rioters in Europe reject the country and want to live in a theocracy.

As these new immigrants become assertive it remains to be seen
if the violent political solutions
of the past will return. I am no fan of far right xenophobic parties. However, benefits and work rules will need to be examined.

Europe has its own issues. I am an
American. When asked to list my country of ethnicity I place Guyana. We are not allowed to list Jew for political reasons. I could
list Israel, but my body will rest
in Guyana somewhere in the jungle.

Mike's America said...

Where's Ema?

Frankly, the subject matter here would be a bit over her head. It doesn't lend itself to the meaningless bumper sticker slogans that make up her limited ability to express herself in English.

Anonymous said...

The truth is....

That's how this blog starts and that's precisely where the truth stops.

"Once upon a time" would have been a more appropriate beginning for what followed was a purely fictional rant conjured up from within the deep dark demented recesses of a rudy republican's reactionary mind.

Fodder fit for a fool.(I was going to say f&#%wit but I changed my mind)

And while I'm on the illiteration bandwagon, perhaps we could look to one, Marion Mitchell Morrison (it works coz they changed it from Robert) as a kind of loved gun guzzling guru who symbolically represents the crazy cowboy culture that, not so surprisingly sustains the horrendously hideous and horrible accumulation of capital, commonly referred to as greed.

The only one with a left obsession is the right Bleakerking. Or perhaps it should be Blinkerking!

Who gives a shit.

beakerkin said...

Obviously you do cumwad. Duke's been
dead over thirty years and you commies are still obsessed by him.

Anonymous said...


1.Haven't thought about him till I saw you mention him.. One of the most untalented, wooden actors (or whatever it was he was doing) I have ever had the misfortune of watching. The Duke!? Should have been The Joke.

2.Not a "commie".

3. Never met a "commie" with the slightest interest in him, let alone obsession.

4.Have stumbled across a ruddy republican with an obsession with commies however.

beakerkin said...

Sure cumwad the usual rants about
Wayne are imaginary. You been smoking some party approved weed.

Don't like commies or any other socialist pariahs.

Anonymous said...

Just like your rants about "commies" and "lefties". Totally in the imagination.

The truth is I know of no rants about Mr Wayne,mimaginary or true.

Nah, never liked the stuff when I did. Makes ya feel like a bee with one wing caught in a pool of honey!

Really, you don't like "commies"! Would never of guessed. Or social pariahs, eh. I wonder who that epithet applies to. Wonder if it's a wide wide wide net, like the one you throw over those you call "commies"?

I reckon you don't like a lot of things. I reckon you complain about people more than any other thing. Just a hunch. I mean, why keep visiting a dropping your inane poot over on Trouts blog. It's the virtual friggin' world dude. If you ignore it, it may as well not exist.

I don't reckon it's fun, for the old Bleak bastard, must be something else,.... I wonder if it's.........