Saturday, May 03, 2014


One of the things people get by reading this blog is insight into an ordinary life. There are those of us who swim with the tide. There are those who follow a lynch mob. There are those who are guided by something else. In my case it must be a faith in something that is abstract. As I am not theologically inclined it is not a higher power. My heart just has its own sense of right and wrong and I follow it. There is no justice in mobs, despite the claims of unwashed lefties ranting about "social justice", they are mobs.

I survived the workplace bullying as a reluctant warrior. I never wanted to fight the system or become a symbol. My preference was to perform my job in silence and anonymity. Unfortunately, a group of thugs tried to force values on me that I felt were vile. They should have left me alone and the matter would be forgotten. Instead, they picked a fight with a relentless foe who should have been broken long ago. When the smoke cleared I was left standing, but not without some damage.

My faith in my own values was never shaken. My faith in the system and those who worked within it was shaken. I still have a hard time not thinking of myself as a rebel. Now my values are celebrated and are mainstream. The new director has her heart in the right place. I don't have to rationalize doing the exceptional
as it is celebrated. If there is a person in great need of intervention I am expected to proceed. This is a refreshing change of pace. The new boss is not a former airport inspector and has her heart in the right place.

I never wanted to be a rebel or an icon. My desire was to toil in the shadows with good deeds done for their own sake. When the occasion calls for the heavy hand, I do so because it is part of the job. In essence my actions are guided by the law and I do so. When I act it is within the law and actually on important cases the house counsel note a passivity. I stick to the basics to what can be proven and avoid the more elaborate charges unlikely to be upheld. Oddly, I am unique in that when I act the attorneys still prefer to re argue the case in front of me rather than get a fresh set of eyes.

Perhaps the system merely caught up to me. The wind shifted and I was already with the program before the program started. How can I be cynical when the system corrected itself? In many ways after years of swimming against the tide swimming with it is harder. Then again all faith is empty words and rhetoric until it is tested. My faith was tested and I prevailed.  However, I get no joy in victory. All it takes for evil to prevail
is for a few key people to change the tides.


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Mike's America said...

"There are those of us who swim with the tide. There are those who follow a lynch mob. "

I have a particular friend who always seemed to stick his finger in the wind to find out what the popular opinion was before offering his own agreeing view.

I get criticized for being too independent minded to accept what the prevailing group says the acceptable point of view should be.