Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mayoral Adams Family

I don't hold the fact that the Mayor's wife was a lesbian against her. In the real world there are those who do make choices and decide to change paths. Although her specific choice of a stoner partner is perfect fodder
for comedy.

In the campaign, the Mayor hid behind the media crafted image of a wonderful family. The most absurd element was getting the son's oversize afro in every ad. There is a running joke that if the Mayor's son gets a haircut, he might have to change jobs.

The revelation that she was not the best mother is no shock. That being said she is hardly alone in this respect. All of us including myself end up short at times. It is a human frailty and a sign of the times. The very wealthy hire domestics to do the menial functions and none of us say a word.

No the Mayors family was not as perfect as advertised. Then again no family is or should be expected to be
a post card or corporate logo.  Despite claims by our stoner mayor, the Guilani and Bloomberg family were not marketed like Chef Boyardee.

Yes the Slacker Mayor's family is not perfect. Then again whose family  looks and functions like an ad anyway. On a certain level  many of us are more Bundy than Walton.

Good night John boy... Shut the %^%6^^ up braaaapp..

To be imperfect is to be human.

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