Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monica Lewinsky and the Clintoonista machine

Bill Clinton is a seriously flawed person. His personal morality is somewhere between a prostitute and an ambulance chasing lawyer. That being said, at least he was competent and qualified to be President. He also could not be described as stupid. Any comparison of Clinton to Obama is an insult to Clinton.

Bill Clinton has a problem that is not uncommon. His tapes with Flowers were as bad as the Sterling tapes. Of course the media down played the problems. James Carville stated if you drag money through a trailer park one never knows what they will find. The answer is the Clinton and Carville family tree.

The Clinton machine has falsely slandered Lewinsky. Lewinsky was a stupid young woman who had her future ruined by a political machine. The Clinton crew has no morals or class. No doubt Lewinsky is not a sympathetic victim coming from an upper middle class family. Had she never been preyed upon by a sick deranged self centered clown she likely would be an ordinary wife living an ordinary career.

Shame on the left for not holding Clinton accountable to any standards of behavior. The sum of the left is support for abortion. If you support abortion, no matter how inappropriate your actions are with actual women your behavior will be ignored.

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