Thursday, May 08, 2014

Escape for Now

I have escaped the area that I have been ensconced in. The final straw was an interview process I objected to morally and ethically. At any job management has the right to assign work. However, if the worker objects to the work they have options. One can quit or request reassignment to another area in response to those assignments.

The new assignment did not target me personally. It was a large scale policy change that impacted many. I also was upset at the disruption of whole communities on a whim from a distant office. Unsavory people from other units were mixed in  and the place disgusts me.

I have decided to return to Vermont at a future date and the choice was made after weighing the options. I am faced with the prospect of doing this task for twenty years. I have been to Vermont and know no task that can be assigned is nearly as offensive. The bosses were shocked I would consider leaving my elderly parents and daughter. I responded that I am no good to them enraged by performing a task I object to on moral grounds.

My first objection is on the basis of uniformity. We are one nation and federal government should act as best as possible to be uniform. Objection two, I believe in conducting a fair proceeding based upon law fact and logic. In doing this objectionable task, I refocused the questions to be as fair as possible. Objection number three, I don't like performing this task needlessly because others are ignorant, careless and frequently bigoted. Don't throw your garbage on my desk and expect me to be cheery. Objection 4 One size fits all does not work. While I understand the need for cross training placing people in areas unsuited to their strengths makes zero sense. The good workers merely leave and the lousy ones remain. Having a person perform the tasks as needed is different than doing this for twenty years.

Now I am reassigned with my entire unit to another function. In this aspect I am fortunate, but it will buy time
to get out of NYC. Management is not unhappy with me and they grasp my desire to leave is not personal.

I am not exactly popular among my peers. I do not enjoy constant party city next door. I have asked the person next door to close the door. I do not suffer idiots and phonies and do not like this neighbor. I stated I would appreciate her more far away. In real life I am much like Doc Martin and am blunt and direct. Unlike Doc Martin, I treat the public and practitioners very well.

My noisy idiotic phony neighbor is upset because I pointed out her assemblages have lowered my property
values. She is running about playing the victim and I won't respond. I point out to meddlers there are two sides to every story. I am more annoyed by meddlers than shutting off an annoying peer. At least she is doing more socializing away from my office and closing the door.

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