Sunday, May 11, 2014

The continued decline of Harrys Place

Harry;s Place is in serious decline largely due to its Bon Vivant Airhead American Correspondent Gene Zitver. Harrys Place had a niche that one could expect. However, one does not read about instances of crass antisemitism on American Universities. One can speculate, but this is likely that the anti Semites are huge Obama fans and on the left.

The gadfly Zitver has turned the site into Obama's fun house. Gene could move the Obama worship to another site dedicated to this. Instead he pollutes the site with Obama puff pieces and dumb Republican stories. He has not dedicated any space to the increasingly apparent Obamanoid malfeasance.

His stupidity is off the chart. It is understandable that this idiot would have a Glenn Beck fixation. Most people would actually listen to a show before writing numerous posts. The gadfly can not be bothered with doing actual research and merely lifts items from Huffington. A classic illustration of this was falsely labeling
Beck anti Semitic for his accurate portrayal of a genuine anti Semite George Soros. The criminal Soros is not welcomed in 90% of the Synagogues and went through great lengths to hide his contributions to J Street.
Funny, Beck didn't disguise himself when he led a Pro Israel demonstration. Soros pays a group to slander a critic and the Bon Vivant follows the direction like a good circus clown.

Did we read about Lois Lerner perjuring herself or the Benghazi debacle? No we read about a fringe NFL prospect who happens to be gay getting drafted. My assessment of the lack of skill of Sam turns out to be correct. Gays have been in the NFL and other sports leagues for years. The need to broadcast it, is something new. If anything broadcasting his orientation helped a marginal pro like Jason Collins get employed. It will be larger news when a real star player makes sch an announcement.

Other than the rare posts of Michael Ezra and the sometimes surprising Sarah the site has become a joke.  

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