Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who is Gay or not gay

I am still floored by the obsession heterosexual females have with who is gay or not gay. Some women insist th at they have this rather useless power called gaydar. Of course being able to make a decent pot of coffee is a better skill.

I will point out that once again people mistook me for being gay in Vermont multiple times. The source of this
idiocy was my vocation and interests. Add a couple of stereotypes together and you create a gay composite.
Worked in the fashion industry. Likes Broadway musicals, Reads Art books not dating anyone so he must be gay. 

In this case if I were gay, I would have stated it long ago as a matter of fact. It is nothing to be ashamed of and is merely a detail. Why heterosexual females have the need to go on and on is beyond belief. 

Lately, I am enduring pot head quips. My eyes are red due to severe allergies. I was kidding coworkers about the PBH commercials. Thus similarly listens to surf music, always munching chips so he must be a pot head. Once again a series of facts and a totally incorrect conclusion.

Now I will point out my exasperation with some of my coworkers. Some of these women almost have an Elmer Fudd mentality with gays. "I think I saw one of them hoooomosexuals." I really could care less about the subject. It is not my business who is or is not gay. I don't care who is gay, unless it is in the context of a same sex marriage.

Contrary to popular opinion it is no great feat to work the gay marriage cases. Welcome people to your office. Treat them with respect, listen to the testimony and evaluate the evidence presented. If this is familiar it is because this is how I treat every other case. A few words are altered such as wife to spouse and that is the sum of the difference.

I expected the standard low brow hateful locker room homophobia from guys. Other than a few bad jokes,
that was about it. I point out that there is a difference between laughing with people and at them. A photo of Bill Clinton with a gay couple was presented. He never smiles like that around Hillary. This is neither mean spirited nor offensive. Most of what I saw was ignorance more than hate.

While people may have hunches this does not substitute for facts. I really don't think much about this subject
\and I work with evidence and facts. Speculation based upon stereotypes is not fact, it is embarassing. 

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