Monday, May 26, 2014

Spending the day with the family

It is Guyana independence day and I will celebrate the birth of my adopted country in Queens. Guyana. Of all the moments I pass being a father and grandfather are the best. I didn't expect to enjoy the role so much, but it suits me.

A nice day with the girlfriend, daughter, grand kid (long story) and friends from the Guyanese community is on tap. I will eat some curried lamb with bora.

I want to wish all the veterans of the armed forces a happy Memorial Day. War is something to be done after all else has failed. My grandfather was a proud veteran of a forgotten war for a country he loathed and left at the first opportunity.

Enjoy time with the family or loved ones.

The little Maltese will greet my return. I fell asleep on the patio yesterday. He jumped out the window and wanted to run.


Thersites said...

Thank you for YOUR service.

beakerkin said...

And you too FJ. You also serve